W.Va. missing the boat on marijuana issue – Beckley Register

I’m going to take some heat for this. Gov. Justice campaigned, saying, “I’m tired of West Virginia being last.” I think we are missing the boat on the marijuana issue.

He said, “As long as I’m governor, marijuana for recreational use will never be legal.” Now he has “proposed” getting a medical panel as to medical marijuana hoes?

Let’s look at the lost revenue he is costing this state: tax revenue from hemp, which can be grown on strip mines to reclaim the land! Jobs. Hemp can be used to make paper, rope and fabric! It enriches the soil and fights erosion as well. 

On to pot. If this state would make it legal for both medical and recreational use, look at the tax revenue. Look at the Industry it would bring in. Suppliers, warehouse workers, hydroponics suppliers, packagers, sales people, farmers and tractor and farm related equipment sales.

Yes, there are cons, but look at the pros: less crowded prisons and jails and less burden on our courts.

If West Virginia does not do this now, Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia will. And we will be LAST again. With Gov. Justice, we can look forward to being last for some time to come.


Woodrow Brackens


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