Some are calling this summer a successful boating season

BRISTOL, Tenn. –

Labor Day on the South Holston Lake was busy with people enjoying their day on the water.

Bobby Monast says it was a picture perfect day for boating. “I’ve been out here for roughly five weeks on and off, and it’s probably rained maybe once or twice this whole time I was out here,” he said.

Owner of Laurel Marina and Yacht Club, Dale Thomas, says this summer has been one of the best he can remember in years in regards to weather. “At the marina we rely more on the weather than we do the economy, because when the weather is pretty there are going to be people out on the lake,” he said.

Thomas says this summer is making up for last year, when it rained just about every weekend and kept people from enjoying the water. “This year we’ve really turned the corner and people are really starting to use their boats more. We’re starting to see people looking at new boats, trading their boats, and even used boat sales have been really good this year,” Thomas said.

This boating season has also been safer. TWRA boating officer Matt Swecker says so far across the State of Tennessee, there have been half the number of boating accidents reported as compared to last year. “We’ve had 43 accidents in the Eastern Tennessee Region,” he explained.

Swecker also told us the number of boating-related deaths across the state is also lower; it’s about half the number from last year.

Monast says he’s already looking forward to next boating season and hopes it’s just as successful. “As far as the weather, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I really wouldn’t.”

TWRA boating officer Matt Swecker says in September, October, and November, people will still be out on the water; that’s why he wants to remind everyone to make sure you wear a life jacket.

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