Sailing interest soars after Olympic success

Sailing interest soars after Olympic success

WITH the Olympic success of the British sailing team, the interest in sailing in an area such as Poole and Bournemouth is at an all time high.

Poole Harbour is one of the biggest sailing centres in the UK, with around 6,000 boats on moorings and in marina berths.

Contrary to popular opinion, sailing need not be a rich man’s sport – indeed, the majority of these boats will be owned by people of modest means.

Parkstone Yacht Club, with around 2,500 members, is the largest of the seven clubs based in Poole. They cater for everyone – whether it’s the competitive dinghy sailor, the cruiser racer, the long distance cruiser, or the retired couple who want to simply potter around the harbour.

The club provided 15 volunteers, for the Olympics and Paralympics, to help with both shore-side and on-water duties.

Martin Pearson, the sailing secretary, had duties with technical measurements and rescue boats.

Pearson said: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved, we had two weeks of sunshine and the sailing was of course, world class, with closely contended and exciting racing.”

Out of 150 volunteers a selection were nominated by their team leaders for a visit to Clarence House to be thanked personally by Prince Charles for their involvement with the Olympics.

Ruth Pearson, the sailing secretary’s wife, was picked for the job which just added to the exceptional Olympic experience that some of Parkstone’s members will recall for many years to come.

Parkstone are proud to have Annie Lush, part of the British sailing team. Annie has been a member since she was a child and took part in GBR’s Olympic Match Racing trio alongside Poole Yacht Club’s Macgregor sisters, Lucy and Kate.

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