Sailing-Camper heads to port after Volvo Race setback

Team New
Zealand’s Volvo Ocean Race crew were limping towards a forced
stop in Chile on Sunday after their Camper boat fell off the
back of 10-metres wave and the bow suffered a dangerous crack.

The setback brought an end to their hopes of challenging for
victory on Leg 5 from Auckland to Itajai in Brazil.

“The Southern Ocean throws up the best and worst days of
your life,” said skipper Chris Nicholson, who made the call to
head into port on Sunday.

“We’re 2,500 nautical miles from the place we’re going in
Chile, Puerto Montt, but we’ll get there and we’ll continue in
the race. It will take about three days to make the repairs and
we’ll be off again.”

Third-placed Camper had been one of the in-form boats in the
nine-month, 39,000-nautical mile race having won the Auckland
in-port race last weekend before leaving for the leg to Brazil.

They join Team Sanya of China (sheared off rudder) and Abu
Dhabi (ripped off sail mounting) as casualties of the
6,705-nautical mile fifth stage.

Abu Dhabi returned to the race after making repairs on
Monday, and should now finish fourth at worst, but Sanya are
returning to New Zealand for a longer overhaul.

Overall leaders Telefonica (Spain) were 100 miles behind
France’s leg leaders Groupama with U.S.-led Puma in second. The
three have around 4,000 miles left to sail before reaching the
next stopover of Itajai in southern Brazil.

Overall standings after four legs: 1. Telefonica (Spain) 122
points; 2. Groupama 107; 3. Camper/ETNZ (Spain/New Zealand) 104;
4. Puma (United States) 83; 5. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
55; 6. Sanya (China) 25.

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