Mills and Clark now sit second in the women’s 470 fleet standings at the regatta’s halfway point and won one race by two minutes.

“It’s wicked to be back,” said Mills. “We obviously had a bit of time off after the Games but have had a reasonably full-on winter’s training.

“This is our first big regatta so it’s really nice to be back to see how everyone’s getting on, and how we’re getting on.”

In spite of a low-key 2013 season, the competitive spirit is clearly still evident in the pair, although Mills is quick to temper expectations of a winning return.

“For us this is a process regatta – it’s what everyone says, but it is our first regatta back and our goal is Santander [World Championships],” she said.

“Obviously it’s nice to win or get in the medals and we will be looking at that, but ultimately it’s about seeing where we’re at.”

Former world champion Giles Scott assumed the top spot in the Finn standings after two comfortable race wins.

“It seems that Palma is the first event where the Finn fleet does turn up,” he said.

“We’ve got 100 boats here, or near enough and I think all the main players are racing so it’s a good marker for the year.”

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