Route 1 mixed-use marine facility gets approval

YORK — A boat storage facility, marine machine shop and Internet sales space geared toward the commercial fishing industry should be open for business next fall at a new Route 1 facility, if all goes according to plan.

York resident David Webber received Planning Board approval Jan. 13 to build the 9,600-square-foot facility on a 15-acre parcel adjacent to Wild Willy’s Burgers on Route 1. Only 1.5 acres of the lot directly abutting Route 1 is proposed for development.

The new business is an expansion of the marine-related internet sales business Webber and his son have been operating at his commercial building on Hannaford Drive near Route 91, he said.

Webber said he bought that building in 2007; since then, shellfish wholesaler Maine Coast has purchased half the building and boat sales and marine electronics firm Navtronics is buying the other half.

The new Route 1 facility will be 26 feet high and open to allow for boat storage. The façade on Route 1 will be architecturally developed while the rear is more utilitarian, with two loading docks. Several windows were added, however, to break up the long wall – a request made by the Planning Board.

According to Webber, commercial vessels will be stored inside and none outside. He expects to store lobster and tuna boats up to 36 feet long during the winter.

A small machine shop will “cater to marine-related projects. If someone needs a rudder out of stainless steel or needs a harpoon built, that’s the small job type set up we’re going to have,” he said.

His company, DPW Realty, is also involved in the internet sale of raw materials used in commercial boatbuilding, he said. He said plans call for that business to continue at the new facility, with limited commercial fishing equipment for sale on site. “It’s not going to be a store where you walk in and buy stuff for a boat,” he said.


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