Nathan Carman seeking insurance money for sunken boat

Nathan Carman, whose mother presumably died when his fishing boat sank last year, was in court Monday to have his legal case heard as he pursues insurance compensation for the sunken boat.

National Liability Fire Insurance Co. and the Boat Owners Association of the United States are asking for a judge’s support as they refuse to pay the insurance policy on Carman’s 31-foot fishing vessel.

Lawyers for Carman and the insurance company met Monday behind closed doors with a federal magistrate judge in Rhode Island to discuss the case.

Both sides declined to comment after the hearing.

Carman’s legal filing said his insurance claim on the boat was originally accepted, but the companies later reversed their position.

In a court document, the insurance companies argue the insurance policy covers property damage only if due to an accidental cause. They site testimony Carman gave under oath about removing a bulkhead and the boat’s trim tabs and also that he never verified that the boat’s aft bilge pump worked properly.

“Based on the undisputed alterations,” the insurance companies argue, “Nathan Carman transformed his boat into something different from what plaintiffs originally insured, thereby materially increasing the boat’s risk of loss, which he concealed and did not disclose.”

“(Carman) asserts counter-claims against the plaintiffs for breach of contract and claims for bad faith marketing, sales, and claim handling practices,” Carman’s document states.

Carman was recently accused by his aunts of causing his mother’s death and brutally shooting his millionaire grandfather to death. His family made those allegations in a New Hampshire lawsuit as they argued that Carman should not be allowed to profit from the estates of his mother or grandfather.

Carman has denied those claims.

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