Motorhead: Volvo Penta D13

Inboard or IPS, the D13 is a 12.8 liter ( 781 cubic inches, for you old school motorheads), inline-6, that produces 1,000 horsepower at the crankshaft. It boasts a 131 mm (5.1 in) bore and a 158 mm (6.2 in) stroke. The maximum rated engine speed is 2400 rpm. It weighs 3,605 pounds as a bobtail ( with no gear).

Historically, a key characteristics of Volvo Penta diesel engines has been torque, and, according to Bering, the D-13 continues that tradition. The D13 produces near peak torque at just 1100 rpm, peaks at 1900 rpm and falls of at a very shallow angle from that engine speed to WOT. That shallow decline is what Bering described as a torque rise, stating that it is a design mandate that, “ every Volvo Penta diesel exhibit a torque rise in the cruising band of rpm.” What this means is, that, as horsepower decreases, torque increases.
In actual running-the-boat terms,consider a following sea scenario. The boat drives into the back of a wave. Power drops. But since torque increases, the boat climbs the backside with authority. At the helm, you may not have even needed to advance the throttle. This characteristic delivers a feeling of confidence and authority to the skipper. Especially, Bering adds, when coupled to the dual-propeller IPS drives: “ Its one of the best ways to get the torque from the engine actually into the water.”

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