Man accused of fraudulent boat sale


It was an arrest that took place right in the middle of the Atlantic City Boat Show yesterday.

The arrest of Tracy Blumenstein, owner of Professional Boat Sales and a man Egg Harbor Township Police have charged with issuing bad checks and theft by deception.

“So the business stole from the victim, because they told him they bought the boat for $48,000 when in fact it was close to $54,000 they actually sold the boat for,” said Detective Ray Theriault.

Police are also charging Blumenstein with issuing a bad $33,000 check.

“He had an outstanding balance on a bank loan for the boat, they were supposed to pay their balance for the boat, they were supposed to pay that balance off,” said Theriault. “A couple months later he started receiving notes from his bank that in fact, the boat had not been paid off.”

Blumenstein was back at the Atlantic City Boat Show Friday afternoon where we asked him about the charges.

“You can forward everything to my attorney,” said Blumenstein. “Just because you’re accused of a crime, doesn’t mean you are guilty. That’s my statement ok?”

We did reach out to Blumenstein’s attorney and though he could not comment about the on–going criminal investigation, he says his client maintains his innocence.

Police say they started receiving complaints in October. They say several people have come forward and the investigation into new claims is on–going.

“This is not the first victim we’ve been dealing with regarding this business throughout 2013. We’ve had several other victims come forward, this is the first resulting in charges so far to this point,” said Police.

Police say they are also investigating the company’s license to sell motor vehicles and other employees have been implicated.

As for Boat Show officials, they say they were unaware of the incident prior to the show, and that one individual does not represent the entire industry.

“Its an individual in a company, we’re trying to get it resolved, unfortunately, I really can’t comment much, although we don’t condone that type of activity,” said Show Manager, John Pritko.

The Egg Harbor Township Criminal Investigation Bureau feels that there are more victims out there and they are asking anyone with additional complaints to call them at 609- 926- 4051 or call Crime Stoppers 609- 652- 1234.

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