Lower Gas Prices Fueling Early Boat Show Sales

Thanks in part to the recent decline in gas prices, boat dealers across the country are reporting an uptick in boat sales at the winter boat shows now in progress across the U.S.

The dip in fuel costs is helping the boating industry that is enjoying a recovery as of late. Tom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), recently projected a five percent increase in the sale of powerboats for the year.  Dammrich stated this projection was made without even considering the decline of fuel costs.

According to Mike Lyons of First Coast News, boat dealers are reporting a significant increase in sales this year from the Jacksonville Boat Show.  Boat dealers from the show claimed a 10 percent increase in 2014 and were optimistic sales would be up even more in 2015 with help from lower gas prices.

Likewise, in Houston, business is heading in the same direction.  At the Houston International Boat, Sport Travel Show, numerous dealers noted a heavy increase in attendees compared to shows in recent years. Jonathan Whitmire, a sales manager for Texas Marine in Beaumont, stated low fuel prices were certainly helping sales.

Gas prices today are at a six year low, According to Deutsche Bank, for every penny that consumers save on gasoline, U.S. households can spend about $1 billion more in the broader economy.

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