History of Sailing at the Olympic Games

History of sailing at the Olympic Games:

- Sailing was first contested at the 1900 Paris Olympics – although back then it was known as yachting.

- The first Olympic regattas involved much larger boats than today and often carried crews of up to 12 people.

- From 1924 onwards smaller boats became the norm and vessel design began to be standardised.

- Yachting changed its name to sailing at the 2000 Sydney Games.

- Even in modern times, the type of vessels competing at the Olympics is ever-changing. For instance, windsurfing was trialled at the 1996 Atlanta Games before becoming a fully-fledged sport in 2000 and match racing makes its debut in London.

- Windsurfing has been controversial scrapped for the 2016 Games and will be replaced by kite-surfing.

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