Greenville Boat Show big draw despite fluctuating gas prices

With gas prices decreasing, more people are buying luxury items.  The boat show at Greenville Convention Center brought thousands of people to town.

“It’s not a deal breaker for me,” Tom Brown said.

Boat owners say they still consider gas prices when purchasing a boat.

“Considering whether to get a 200 or 250 horsepower, because the fuel economy did come into play and that conversation, not so much if I was going to purchase the boat or not but whether I was going to get a 200 or 250 engine,” explained Brown.

Vic Williams, a manager for Park Boat Company, says boat sales have increased. “I think fuel prices have gone down. The economy is rebounding. I think everything is back pre-recession now. Everything is looking good.” He says customers do their research before purchasing a luxury item like a boat. “Now they become very educated about the four stroke outboards and they understand that they just don’t burn a lot of gas. They are more than 50 percent more fuel efficient than the old two stroke outboards.”

The annual boat show brought thousands of people to Greenville. There were approximately 25 different manufactures and 14 different vendors.  A variety of high priced boats filled the room from fishing to sports and even pontoon boats.

Williams says the rain on Saturday brought more people to the show.

“At times yesterday you had to step around people to get to the next guy so I was really excited that there were so many people here at the boat show,” Williams said.

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