Goldman Sachs seizes a yacht from a US oil mogul

Natita, the 66-meter yacht purchased by American
oil mogul, William Kallop in 2010 has now been seized by American
bank, Goldman Sachs following the owner’s inability to service
the loan against the yacht according to the Wall Street Journal.

Yacht Harbour

Delivered in 2005 as Dilbar by Oceanco in the Netherlands, the 66-meter yacht
became the first superyacht owned by Russian billionaire, Alisher
Usmanov. Renamed to Ona in 2008 following the delivery of
Usmanov’s new 110-meter Lurssen, the yacht was put on the market
and sold in 2010 at an asking price of €59,9 million to William

A year prior to buying the yacht, Kallop had sold his oil
business to a consortium of Korean and Columbian investors for
nearly $1 billion, investing into Quicksilver Ressources shortly
following the sale.

Yacht Harbour

Named after his moter-in-law, Natita wasn’t the first yacht
purchased by Kallop who also owns the 57-meter Bad Girl, built by Brooke Marine in 1992,
and a 93ft yacht, once used by John F. Kennedy, which he bought
at auction in 1998 and restored.

In 2014, Kallop borrowed $32 million from Goldman Sachs against
Bad Girl and Natita according to court fillings. The bank then
claims the owner then stopped servicing the loan in November 2016
with nearly $28 million still left. Three crew members, captain
included, recently obtained $90,000 in back pay from the owner
from a Florida court.

Yacht Harbour

Goldman eventually filled a suit with the Miami federal court to
have the boat seized, which the US Marshals did at a West Palm
Beach marina where the boat still remains. The bank’s first act
as acting owners was to purchase $67,000 of fuel for the yacht to
keep the generator running, fillings show.

Natita was put on the market back in 2016 asking $57.5 million
before having its price lowered to $52 million in September of
that same year. The yacht then underwent several price
reductions, leading up to its current price of $39,9 million.

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