Fishing boat crew arrested for shabu use

By Bong Garcia

Thursday, December 8, 2011

OPERATIVES of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (Pdea) arrested four fishing boat crew in a surprise inspection at a private wharf in Zamboanga City.

Pdea Regional Director Adzhar Albani identified them as Diolito Alayon and Rene John Monje, both boat captains, assistant engineer Liberato Salijan and warehouseman Celso Mangitnigt.

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Albani said they were arrested after paraphernalia in the use of shabu were found and confiscated from the suspects’ cabins though no prohibited drugs were found during the surprise inspection.

The inspection was conducted around 1 a.m. Wednesday after the two boats had just docked at the wharf of a fishing and canning firm upon the request of the firm’s management, Albani said.

He said the management request came after receipt of information that its fishing boats’ crew members are allegedly engaged in the use of prohibited drugs.

He said the management also noticed rampant pilferage of fishing boats’ supplies like fuel, which is allegedly being used to “barter” for shabu.

Appropriate charges have been filed Thursday before the City Prosecutor’s Office against the four arrested fishing boat crew, he said.

Meanwhile, he said half of the two fishing boats crew members were found to be using prohibited drugs when they were subjected to drug test after their arrival Wednesday.

Each of the two fishing boats has 12 crew members, Albani said.

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