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The first hints of this weekend’s annual US 60 Yard Sale appeared Tuesday morning as a team of family members hauled folding tables and totes of unknown merchandise out into yards and driveways between Star Country Market and near the entrance of Wilson Creek, as well as in downtown Grayson at the corner of Main Street and Carol Malone Boulevard and near the former Randy’s Roadside building.

As the son of an avid yard-sale shopper, I always enjoy covering the US 60 Yard Sale.

My typical strategy is to simply park the Buick in the safest places possible and walk through every inch from county line to county line. I take a lot of photos, although the primary mission is always to make a list of the unusual items offered, as well as any trends (lots of dishes/bikes/clothing/instruments) I happen to pick up on.

I have a tough time deciding between my favorite things I’ve found for sale during the big sale. I’m always next to flat broke every year, so I rarely get to take anything away other than pictures and scribbled notes. Forced to think about it, I’m torn between a “Florida Folding Boat,” a collection of massively over-sized metal roosters at the county line near Rush last year, or a huge church-style organ on the other end of Carter County.

Truth is, you’ll find a little bit of everything during this one if you hit every stop. Experienced shoppers know it can be also worth the time to make two passes, early and late, to take advantage of additional items brought out to replenish the stock.

We have a fair weather forecast for this year’s event, which officially begins Friday morning although there will surely be a few early bird specials well before then.

I will ask everyone participating to pay particular attention to personal safety as they seek and sell. I’ve seen numerous “near misses” every year as people run across two lanes of traffic, or pull vehicles onto and off of the road.

Parking can be sparse along US 60, and it’s a good idea to be prepared to do a little walking.

I’m planning to borrow Bob Summerfeldt’s folding bicycle (a neat little unit which folds up to roughly the size of a briefcase) to get from table to table this year. I should have an extra dollar or two in my pocket this year and hope to find a few cool things myself.

State Fair duty

If you like the idea of visiting the upcoming Kentucky State Fair and meeting a lot of people to talk about positive aspects of life in Carter County, there is an outstanding opportunity awaiting for you.

Earlier this week, Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Maggie Duncan was talking about local representation during this year’s fair, encouraging people to contact the Grayson Tourism and Convention Commission to get involved as a volunteer.

Volunteers are especially needed to “work the booth” and tell people who aren’t familiar with Grayson, Olive Hill and surrounding communities about things including local business and available services, as well as the best places to eat, visit or stay if they happen to visit this area.

Volunteers get a few bonus rewards for their duty (some will even get an overnight stay). The theme for this year’s display is “Glamping,” a word coined for glamorized camping, and it will be interesting to check out Carter County’s display.

If you are interested in being a part of the Carter County team during this year’s state fair between August 17 and 27, call 474-8740 for more information.

Falling waters

I’m particularly happy about the responses we’ve received in the quest to find and photograph local waterfalls.

We won’t be attempting any of the tough ones until colder weather clears the way and the way view, but we do have one or two in our sights already.

Heather Eden was the first to step up with an easy-access waterfall, which I hope to get to with a three-person team to include drone photographer Rick Kiser.

“I have read your article in the paper about waterfalls in Carter Co. and you noted that you heard of one behind circle R tires on Taylor Hollow. Well, that would be my beautiful waterfall. If you haven’t had it photographed yet and would like to, you can give me a call,” Eden wrote.

We’ve since traded a few emails and plan to photograph Eden’s Falls after the next good rain.

Do you know of a great hidden or secret waterfall in Carter County which deserves a visit from a team of outdoor-loving photographers? If so, shoot me a note or call the number below. Any locations which should remain a “secret” will not be identified in accordance with property owner’s wishes.

Tim Preston can be reached at tpreston@journal-times.com or by telephone at (606) 474-5101.

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