Charter Boat Chatter: Salmon fishing heats up on Lake Michigan

charter-boat1.JPGA Great Lakes Guide Service customer holds up a salmon she caught during a recent fishing trip on Lake Michigan. The Muskegon-area charter boats are finding lots of salmon on recent trips.

MUSKEGON, MI – Charter Boat Chatter is designed as a compilation of reports from Muskegon-area charter boats in an attempt to provide regular details about the Lake Michigan and inland lake fishing in the area. We hope it becomes similar to an online bait shop where people can check and learn if the fish are biting and what to use to catch them.

Charter Boat Chatter will appear on multiple times during the week. Check back often. This item is in addition to the weekly fishing report that appears on on Thursdays.

Monday, July 2

Addiction Charters, Muskegon: Nine fish (16-pound Chinook the largest with several in the 14-pound range), 90 to 115 feet of water on Lake Michigan, using solar eclipse on 300-foot copper, frozen veggies on 250-foot copper, UV veggies on 75-foot copper and spring car on downrigger 53 feet down.

Sunday, July 1

Code Blue Charters, Muskegon: 19 fish (large Chinook salmon and steelhead), 85 to 115 feet of water, using some flasher and flies, orange spoons up high and blues and greens down deep.

Addiction Charters, Muskegon: 11 fish, 80-100 feet of water, using Jager bombs, UV mixed veggies and raspberry dolphin.

Saturday, June 30

Great Lakes Guide Service, Muskegon: 11 fish (Chinook salmon and steelhead), 60 to 145 feet of water, using mixed veggie on 150-foot copper and paddles-and-flies combinations.


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