Charleston Boat Show attendance swells 42 percent

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Charleston Boat Show

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The rising tide in the overall economy lifted the Charleston Boat Show to a 42 percent increase in attendance this year.

Held last weekend at the Charleston Area Convention Center in North Charleston, the annual assembling of boat and accessory dealers drew 11,228 people during its three-day run. Last year, the show reported 7,910 people perused watercraft, reflecting the then-still-tepid market in the years following the financial market collapse of 2008.

“The show was a great success and attendance was up significantly, with the dealers reporting sales of more than 127 boats and receiving very strong leads,” said Debbie Taylor, show manager for JBM Associates, which produces the show each year. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

JBM President Jacqui Bomar said Charleston, with its proximity to the coast and several waterways, has generally had a stronger show.

“We believe there was a lot of pent-up demand over the past couple of years and people were ready to get back on the water and enjoy the boating lifestyle,” she said. “ It is Charleston after all.”

The Charleston Boat Show is hosted annually by the Tri-County Marine Trade Association.

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