Branford residents against proposed Yale boat house


Yale University wants to expand its sailing boat center in Branford, and it has been anything but smooth sailing for the university.

Short Beach is a beautiful place in Branford, and neighbors said they want to keep it that way, which is why they are pushing for Yale to either amend or scrape its plans.

Yale wants to tear two homes down so it can build a new building that would be a place for keeping boats and new staff.

Neighbors argue that it will result in extra congestion and traffic, and would also detract from the character of the neighborhood.

Many neighbors have taken to their front yards to protest, by hanging up paper and cardboard signs with the words ‘No to Yale Expansion’ written on them.

Yale did not have anyone available for comment, but via email a spokesperson said “We are glad to discuss the proposals with our neighbors, hear their concerns and feedback, and answer their questions as part of the zoning process. Yale is not proposing an expansion of the sailing activity.”

The university will be meeting next Monday with neighbors in the hopes of coming up with a compromise. One neighbor suggested shuttling visitors to the new sailing center to reduce traffic.

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