BOATsmart! Awareness Week May 14-18

Educating Canadians from coast-to-coast on the importance of safe

TORONTO, May 15, 2012 /CNW/ – With boating season just around the
corner, BOATsmart! is urging Canadians to boat with confidence this
year by getting their Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) before taking to the water. In the days leading up to the
Victoria Day long weekend, the second annual BOATsmart! Awareness Week
focuses on boating safety awareness and education for the whole family.

BOATsmart! Awareness Week is the official kick-off to a seasonal
campaign to encourage Canadian boaters and their families to get
PCOC-certified. Boaters can get certified in time for the upcoming
season by going to, completing the complimentary online study course, and taking the exam.

“We believe that all members of the family should get their Pleasure
Craft Operator Card because safe boating is important at every age and
for all passengers,” says Cameron Taylor, President of BOATsmart! “By
certifying the entire family, you can ensure the watercraft is always
under the control of a certified boater.”

Approximately 100 Canadians die in accidents on the water every year,
with another 6,000 suffering non-fatal injuries – with the majority of
these accidents being preventable.  As the country’s leader in boating
safety, and the number one provider of the Pleasure Craft Operator Card
(PCOC) – commonly known as a boating license – BOATsmart!, is urging families to get PCOC-certified now.

The May long weekend is just the beginning of the boating season and
thousands of families across the country will be heading to the cottage
to enjoy Canada’s waterways.  In order to minimize risk and accidents
on the water, the BOATsmart! Team will be out in full force this season
to provide education and access to proper certification.

Beginning May 17, and throughout the summer, BOATsmart! Safe Boating
Teams are making stops at Canadian Tire stores and community events
across the country to educate Canadians on safe boating and offer
onsite PCOC exams.

BOATsmart! strongly recommends the following to families planning to
head out on the water this boating season:

  • Make safe boating part of your cottage routine

    Canadian winters can be long, so families should review water safety
    rules together at the beginning of each season, and each time they hit
    the water. The BOATsmart! Study Guide, available online and at
    participating Canadian Tire locations, contains crucial information
    that every family needs to boat safely and with confidence.

  • Wear a personal floatation device (PFD) at all times

    Data shows that more than 86 per cent of those who drown while boating
    were not wearing a PFD. It should be worn by all boaters in and around
    the water—not just when operating or riding in a vessel.

    It is strongly recommended that small children wear PFD’s at all times
    when in close proximity to the water.

  • Never mix drinking with boating

    Alcohol is a factor in more than 40 per cent of boating related
    fatalities so officials remind us to never consume alcohol prior to, or
    while boating.

  • Get certified—it’s the law

    Any individual operating the boat must obtain a pleasure craft operator
    card (PCOC), which is their proof of competency to operate a pleasure
    craft.  It is recommended that each family member obtain his or her
    PCOC so the watercraft is always under the control of a certified
    boater. Failure to present a PCOC while operating a powered vessel can
    result in a minimum fine of $250. Once obtained, the PCOC is good for

BOATsmart! provides the Pleasure Craft Operator Card at a discount for
families, available at The official BOATsmart! Study Guide is available at participating
Canadian Tire stores and is a valuable resource to refresh the entire
family’s boating knowledge prior to each season.

About BOATsmart! Canada

BOATsmart!® educates and certifies boaters for their Pleasure Craft Operator Card.
Accredited by Transport Canada, our mission is to promote the safe,
enjoyable and environmentally friendly use of Canada’s waterways.

SOURCE Mosaic Sales Solutions

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