Boat seller takes deal


It took five years after the first complaint against him was filed, but it looks like the scheming ways of a Greers Ferry boat dealer finally caught up with him.

He owes his victims over $200,000.00, but Gary Eubanks will have to satisfy a 10 year prison term before he can start repaying them.  

Under a plea agreement, Eubanks will both spend time in prison and be shackled with a lot of debt when he gets out.

“He said he could sell my boat for me,” Douglas Guterman of Lonoke told us in August of 2013.  “And the reason I wanted it done was…I just had a hip operation and I can’t ride a boat.  So I could not demonstrate it to anybody if I tried to sell it privately.”

Guterman was supposed to get $17,000.00   Eubanks was supposed to get $2,000.00.  Guterman says Eubanks kept all the money from the sale.

We also talked with Darell Siler of Searcy.  Siler paid Eubanks $13,500.00 for a pontoon only to later have the pontoon’s owner reclaim it because Eubanks never paid him the money for the boat.

“He didn’t do everything he was supposed to do?”  

“There is one thing he didn’t do…was pay the previous owner of the boat,” said Siler.

Once Channel Seven started sharing the stories of people who trusted Gary Eubanks to sell their boats only to have Eubanks pocket all the money from those sales…we began to hear from more and more victims.  

In January of 2013 the Attorney General filed a civil suit in an effort to stop Eubanks.  

18 months before that a Searcy attorney representing one of Eubank’s victims wrote a six page letter practically begging for Eubank’s prosecution.  
It didn’t happen…and Eubanks was able to ensnare many more victims in his boat sale consignment schemes before he was charged with felony theft in September of 2013.

“In hindsight it could have been prosecuted,” says Searcy attorney Daniel Brock.  “Again…I don’t want to second guess anybody.  I’m glad at least in this instance justice was eventually served.”

If this plea agreement is approved by the judge…Eubanks will be formally sentenced on August 11th.  

If he behaves himself in prison he could be out in less than two years.   

But the only way he will reduce the over $200,000 he owes his victims…will be to make payments. 

Air date:  June 24th, 2015

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