Boat Sales up in Minnesota, Nationally

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, boats are back.

Allen Tucker owns Supreme Marine in Minneapolis where he sells new and used motors. This year, sales are up.

“It’s been sitting for two, three, four, five years,” he said of customers’ boats, “and they’re bringing them in for, ‘can you get it going again?'”

It’s a similar story at Hallberg Marine in Wyoming, especially when it comes to pontoons.

“We’ve had by far the best year we’ve ever had in 54 years at Hallberg,” said Sales Consultant Keith Lidberg.

In fact, the whole industry is having its best season in years. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (N.M.M.A.) says new powerboat sales increased 10 percent nationally in 2012, and they increased by 34 percent in Minnesota.

Numbers aren’t in yet for 2013, but the N.M.M.A. expects another five percent worth of growth.

The N.M.M.A. says Minnesota ranked fourth in state powerboat sales last year.

Numbers one, two, and three — in order — were Florida, Texas, and Michigan.

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