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Cruising the River Nile: ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’

Our Nile ship, Sun Boat IV, is waiting for us in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor. To get there, the tour group boards a turboprop with a historic-looking “Spirit of St. Louis” shape. I do a double take at the logo on the fuselage: a drop of oil spurting out the top of a derrick. We’re flying “Petroleum Air.”

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VDRS announces 2017 baler sales

Sennebogen, Stanley, North Carolina, has announced that Komatsu Northeast, South Plainfield, New Jersey, has joined its dealer network.

Komatsu America announced in December 2016 that it had purchased the business operations of the former Binder Machinery, and relaunched it as Komatsu Northeast. Ed Powers, an executive in the Komatsu organization, has been named as executive vice president of Komatsu Northeast. Bill Kretschmer continues as general manager, sales administration and marketing.

 “The new Komatsu Northeast group has an excellent team serving our New Jersey customers,” Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen, says. “Now, with the resources of Komatsu America behind them, they have invested in its facilities and can now give the staff the support they need to stock a full parts inventory, update their training and build a fleet of in-stock material handlers.”

“Along with the machine training we have taken on, we are also adopting a new culture,” Kretschmer says. “Ed Powers brings us a tremendous focus on the customer and on safety at the top tier level.

The team building extends well beyond our own organization. Our cooperative arrangements with other dealers nearby lets us offer customers seamless access to the resources of multiple branches in neighboring states. We now have trucks running a daily circuit to support and balance parts inventories. We have the foundation to collaborate on bids for customers operating multiple sites in different states.”

 “We are fully staffed already with 95 employees employed in our two branches,” he says. “With the experience of this group we have a strong team to build on Sennebogen’s great customer relationships.” 

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Pāua, crayfish sales haul on Facebook: 250 cases uncovered this year

This posting appeared on a Southland buy and sell group page just before Christmas.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says it has been alerted to more than 250 cases this year where people have tried to sell recreationally caught seafood on Facebook.

The issue attracted attention in Southland just before Christmas, with at least three posts on local group buy and sell sites offering seafood for sale. Onewas for fresh pāua said “trades or swaps 2kgs left”. Another was for 1kg of fresh pāua and 700g of frozen, while the third advertised nine “Fiordland lobster” tails “snap frozen straight off boat”.

An MPI spokesperson said the ministry was investigating several reported illegal fish sales on social media in the Southland area.

Another recent post.

“For good reason, we cannot disclose the stage at which our inquiries are or what methods we use to acquire best evidence.”

Illegal seafood sold on Facebook on the rise, MPI says
Unregistered cooks selling Facebook food illegal, MPI says
Waikato police urge crackdown on Buy and Sell pages

The three posts advertising the pāua and crayfish angered members of the Spearfishing Southland group Facebook page. In a discussion on the site about the online advertising of seafood, one spearfishing group member said he had reported three incidents to MPI.

This Facebook post was for crayfish.

Another spearfishing group member, Andy Smith, who also runs an open community page with the same name, said after he had replied to the post for the crayfish tails after spotting it. 

“I put a message up myself saying, ‘Do you realise, it’s illegal what you’re doing?’ Fifteen minutes later, the post was gone,” he said.

He wasn’t aware of many cases where seafood was advertised in Facebook posts. “I see it happen sometimes, but it usually gets taken down pretty quick,” 

Smith questioned why people would take the risk of advertising on popular Facebook sites, and he wondered whether some of them might be unaware it’s illegal to sell or trade seafood that isn’t caught commercially.

Other people would be selling or trading seafood illegally without publicising it on the internet, Smith said.

“I know it happens in the oyster season,” he said. “People will sell 50 oysters a day for cash, not on Facebook but around town.”

Even the amount of fish and shellfish recreational fishers were allowed in Southland was far more than was needed to feed a family. “Unless you have a family of 20, you don’t need that much fish.”

The MPI spokesperson said buying, selling or swapping recreationally caught seafood is against the law. Maximum fines are $250,000.

Authorities expected such illegal activity would rise with the warmer weather and people gathering more seafood than usual for social occasions during the holidays.

“While we may not be able to reply to everyone who messages us over the Christmas-New Year holiday period, we do monitor our regional and main Facebook sites regularly and people can rest assured that all reported illegal sales are followed up by us,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s always disappointing to see people flouting the rules. What is great, however, is an increase in the number of people who approach us via our various channels to report suspicious or illegal behaviour.”

 – Stuff

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Pre-dawn smash and grab at Hamilton service station

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LOOK BACK 2017: January-February Headlines

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are the biggest headlines from January and February. The Register is looking back at both the biggest stories and headlines of 2017.

Jan. 1

Randall L. Sparks and Lloyd W. Sparks, both of Berea, are killed in an early morning collision on US 421 at the intersection of KY 3447 in Jackson County.

Jan. 2

Rep. Jonathan Shell, R-Lancaster, whose district includes part of Madison County, is sworn in as the first-ever Republican Kentucky House Majority Floor Leader.

Jan. 3

The state Energy and Environmental Cabinet (EEC) announces it has signed an agreed order with Advanced Disposal Services Blue Ridge Landfill Inc. regarding the illegal dumping in 2015 of low level, technologically enhanced, naturally occurring radioactive material at the landfill near Irvine.

Jan. 4

Madison County residents prepare for cold temps as snow is expected to hit the region. Up to four inches of snow is predicted.

Jan. 5

Police respond to several accidents caused by snow. First responders urge motorists to drive with caution.

Jan. 6

William Tucker, of Richmond, is arrested in Ohio for multiple charges, including murder.

Jan. 7

Police say a man who was upset over a parts warranty robs AutoZone in Richmond at gunpoint.

Jan. 9

Navarius Westberry, originally of Michigan, but living in Lexington, is sentenced to life in prison for distributing fentanyl that resulted in the overdose death of a Madison County resident.

Jan 10

Richmond City Commissioner Jim Newby is elected Richmond’s mayor pro-tem.

Jan. 11

Family of missing Richmond man, Fred Douglas “Doug” Warner, 78, prays for his safe return and offers $5,000 reward.

Jan. 12

Madison County Board of Education reelects Beth Brock as its chair.

Jan. 14

Madison Central wrestlers take second at regional team duals.

Jan. 16

Members of the Richmond Human Rights Commission march from First Christian Church to the Madison County Courthouse to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Jan. 17

Richmond Planning Commission approves a conditional site-plan for ALDI, a discount supermarket chain.

Jan. 18

Clark Moores Middle School prepares to attend the 58th Presidential Inauguration. Following a two-day trail, Eric T. Noe, 39, is convicted and given a 20-year sentence for the July 2015 robbery of Chase Bank’s downtown Richmond branch.

Jan. 19

Hyster-Yale donates a forklift to Madison Southern High School.

Jan. 20

Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Jan. 22

The Madison County coroner says the body of man found inside a vehicle partially submerged is that of missing Richmond man Fred Warner.

Jan. 23

Tennessee Gas Pipeline seeks to build large compressor station near Hackett Pike northeast of Richmond for interstate gas transmission.

Jan. 24

Madison County hires Marvin Hereford as its fire chief.

Jan. 25

Madison County Health Department attempts to quell fears and answer questions at an community forum focused on the proposed syringe-exchange program.

Jan. 26

Berea City Council members share goals with the Berea Chamber of Commerce, such as enlarging the city’s water reservoir, economic development and resuming the Spoonbread Festival.

Jan. 27

An explosion and fire at Journey Auto and Boat Sales forces the Robert Martin Bypass to be closed for several hours.

Jan. 29

A fire at the Richmond Area Arts Center destroys basement heating unit and closes the building.

Jan. 30

Eastern Kentucky University’s Board of Regents are hopeful, planning to move past “tough” 2016, which brought many “challenges and surprises,” such as the decision to make cuts/suspend programs and institute new staff health insurance polices.

• • •

Feb. 1

Eastern Kentucky University and Berea College respond to President Donald Trump’s executive order travel ban. EKU is “host to students from more than 45 countries, whether you hail from Kentucky or from halfway around the globe, everyone connected with the university is welcome to experience our unique educational and cultural opportunities,” said EKU President Michael Benson. “Berea College has welcomed international students form more than 110 years,” Richard Cahill, Berea College director of international education said. Berea College’s international students are told to put travel plans for the future.

Feb. 2

Fallen Richmond Police Officer Daniel Ellis receives the Telmate Fallen Hero award.

Feb. 3

Ezra Conway, 26, of Illinois leads police on chase from Madison to Franklin counties, after agencies were tipped that he, along with alleged accomplice Devontae Pendleton, 25, of Chicago, tried to get money with fraudulent credit cards at Cumberland Valley National Bank in Berea.

Feb. 4

Many have coffee with Richmond Police at the department’s first “Coffee with a Cop” event, held at Purdy’s Coffee Company.

Feb. 6

Madison Southern High School’s Eagles cruise to 20th win of the season against Bourbon County’s basketball team.

Feb. 7

Berea Mayor Steve Connelly and Berea Chamber of Commerce President Scott Thompson sign contract during the city council meeting clearing the way for resumption of the annual Spoonbread Festival in late September.

Feb. 8

Gov. Matt Bevin calls for raising more revenue through tax reform in his second State of the Commonwealth speech.

Feb. 10

Move-in day for many residents at Pebblecreek Crossing on Big Hill Avenue takes a turn when a small fire in a lower-level apartment brings Richmond fire trucks racing to put out the flames.

Feb. 11

Madison Central High School wrestlers capture first-ever Region 7 title.

Feb. 13

The Kentucky House votes to expand the state’s hate crimes law to classify police and other emergency responders as a protected class.

Feb. 14

Fifty-six Madison County Detention Center inmates are baptized.

Feb. 15

Madison Middle School students spend morning in drug court learning about the criminal justice system.

Feb. 16

County sees spike in overdoses. Madison County EMS responds to five overdoses within 90 minutes.

Feb. 17

The thin blue line gets a little thicker as the Richmond Police Department swears in five new officers.

Feb. 18

Thomas Deck shines for Madison Central High School at Kentucky High School Athletic Association State Wrestling Championships.

Feb. 20

The Berea Independent School Board recognizes Debbie Holbrook for hardwork and dedication after nearly 20 years with the school system.

Feb. 21

Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes urges city commission to consent to needle exchange program.

Feb. 22

Richmond residents, Jamie D. Parms, 29, and Woodie D. Henson, 51, are charged with trafficking following a drug investigation at Red Roof Inn.

Feb. 23

A Madison County circuit judge questions if a July trial, 19 months after indictment, is realistic for Raleigh Sizemore and Gregory Ratliff, both facing multiple charges, including capital murder for the death of Richmond Police Officer Daniel Ellis. The average time from indictment to trial for a capital murder case in Kentucky is 32 months, an attorney for Sizemore said.

Feb. 24

Local restaurant owners, Mae Suramek and Devon Rosenblatt, of Berea’s Noodle Nirvana and Richmond’s The Kitchen, respectfully, make headlines for announcing they are sanctuary restaurants. The businesses operate on a zero tolerance policy for sexism, racism and xenophobia.

Feb. 25

Berea College hosts refugee simulation. Participants were paired into family groupings, given cultural backgrounds and taken through a series of stations, simulating experiences refugee families might go through from attempting to get food, obtain water or learn a new language.

Feb. 28

The Richmond City Commission becomes the first Madison County government to give consent for the county health department’s syringe exchange.

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8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Pixel Boat Rush is a frantic boat combat racing game! An easy to learn, hard to master, fun arcade racing game with loads of content! Featured by Apple countless times!

The gameplay mixes a one-touch racing mechanic with 2 weapon/defensive buttons. The progression features an in-depth career mode with RPG-like humoristic conversations with parodic characters, an endless mode and a boat crafting editor!


One-Touch Racing Mechanic:

Touch to accelerate, release to brake. Slow down on a wave to stick to it (bind speed requirement depends on the boat downforce, sometimes you have to slow down more). If you keep the gas pressed, you’ll jump off the waves. You can stick to water before the wave begins, but if you re-accelerate on a straight line, you’ll un-stick.

Releasing the gas while in the air will make you fall faster.

Obstacles and Power-Ups:

If air drag makes you quicker by staying on water, sometimes it’s best to jump. It could be for grabbing a power-up, avoiding an obstacle or a tricky set of waves.


Fighting with opponent brings a whole new dimension to the game. It not only adds action, but also tactical aspects, which quickly becomes a key for victory. For instance, slowing down to get behind an opponent to avoid being hit and let him deplete his bullet on another boat.

Additional Tip:

– The acceleration button covers the whole right side. You can touch the bottom edge of the screen to avoid covering the action.

Reviews and Awards

– Featured by Apple on numerous occasions!

– (4.5/5) Touch Arcade “I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys side-scrolling arcade games or can appreciate a different angle on the racing genre”

– (4.5/5) App Advice “perfect for anyone who enjoys boat racing and fast-paced, frenzied arcade games”

– (4/5) 148Apps ”Pixel Boat Rush’s unique blend of mechanics make it an excitingly original racing game”

– (4/5) Indie Game Reviewer ”This is a iOS racing game that gets so many things right. It’s simple but complex, it’s challenging but fun, Pixel Boat Rush is a great game that I highly recommend”

– (3.5/5) Pocket Gamer ”A surprisingly sharp and clever racer, Pixel Boat Rush is well worth diving into”

– (4.5/5) TheAppleGoogle “more than enough to guarantee players hours of intense high speed action in an electrifying experience”

-(4.25/5) Reviewed on the Reviews on the Run TV Show!!


More Features:

– Career, endless and arcade modes
– 15 racing tracks
– 116 racing events across 7 types of race (normal, ceasefire, eliminations, demolition, carnage, last man standing, endurance)
– 20 Licenses: series of mini-quests which unlock the next racing categories
– 64 racing boats, each with its own specific upgradable configuration: find which boat is best suited for each event!
– A boat editor with 3 custom hangars where you can craft your own boat creations!
– Over 28 types of guns
– 4 racing categories: climb the ladders and become the world champion!
– Power-ups: boost, ammo, shield, coins, repair
– Time trial mode against your best ghosts
– Trophies system for replay value: finish first in all races to collect all gold trophies
– Game Center: leaderboards (based on best lap time and trophies earned) and achievements
– Cloud save with manual upload/download and 3 save files
– MFI and other controllers support
– Rich original retro soundtrack
– Live broadcasting

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Freeport weighs revisions to parking, design standards

FREEPORT — The Town Council will hold public hearings Jan. 2 on proposed changes to parking regulations and design standards.

The Parking Task Force started working on parking issues in the town’s Village Commercial 1 District last winter and is recommending that the council amend the parking requirements.

The amended ordinance would create an incentive for shared parking by stating that the respective number of off-street customer parking spaces required for each permitted use in the district is eligible for a 25 percent reduction if they share spaces with other businesses.

“All shared parking means is that you don’t put a sign up that says that this parking space is for this business, and this business only,” Town Planner Donna Larson said.

The reduction only applies to restaurants and retail establishments, and does not apply to the required amount of parking for employees.

“As retail is changing in the Village and around the country, new uses have the opportunity to come in and that incentive is there for those uses,” Larson added.

The change would also clarify that, in determining the square footage of a building for meeting parking requirements – standardized in town zoning – all measurements should be taken from the interior walls of each floor of the building.

For example, all restaurants, snack bars, and eating and drinking establishments in the district are required to have one customer parking space for every 150 square feet of their floor plan.

“Years ago, we found that the way people calculated their parking was different in every situation,” Larson said. “Some used outside walls, some used inside walls, some used a calculation that … we couldn’t reconcile.”

Stairways, public restrooms, unused attic or basement space, elevators, loading docks, utility rooms and areas with less than six feet of floor-to-ceiling height should not count in the calculation.

Larson said businesses are allowed to recalculate their required parking spaces with approval from town staff. In a Dec. 14 memo, Larson said that if property owners feel the changes being proposed would be beneficial to them, they can apply for an amendment of their site plan approval.


Over the past year or so, the Project Review Board has been reviewing several projects in the Route 1 corridor, which prompted the board to take a closer look at design guidelines for the town’s Commercial Districts 1, 3 and 4.

The board found that only one overhead door on a building side visible from Route 1 was allowed in the district, unless the builder had a waiver. An amendment would clarify that in certain instances, such as use by retail and restaurants, more than one overhead door would be allowed.

Additionally, the board found that the Route 1 design guidelines, developed in the late 1990s, are suggestive and seem to anticipate more retail development on Route 1 south when, in fact, the development trend has been more non-retail uses, such as manufacturing, boat sales, and storage.

Amendment language, reviewed by the Project Review Board and the Planning Board, would clarify how the Route 1 design guidelines should be used and more clearly states that these guidelines are advisory, and not required.

The Jan. 2 meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in Town Council Chambers.

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Global Boron Nitride Boat Market (2017-2020) – Resources and Sales Revenue

Boron Nitride Boat Market
Boron Nitride Boat

The Global Boron Nitride Boat Market report by QY Market Research is an insightful analysis of the existing, future, and historic market scenario providing the reader an atomistic as well as a holistic view of the market. Initially, the report offers a basic outline of the industry comprising its definition, manufacturing technology, and applications.

The Boron Nitride Boat report provides the globe segmentation of the Boron Nitride Boat market on the basis of region, applications, end-users, and technology. Apart from this, the report also includes details about the several market factors and the influence they have on the overall market along with the individual segments of the market. It also focuses on the global and regional market coupled with a thorough exploration offering growth prospects for the industry.

The research report encloses several factors that influence the development of the next-generation market coupled with the existing market trends and development, significant factors fueling the growth of the market such as drivers, market projections, restraints, and market framework for every region and its sub-segments. These contributing factors are analyzed across key regions taking into consideration all main market segments.

The report, with the statistical analysis, represents the global market of Boron Nitride Boat industry, comprising production, demand/supply, capacity, profit/cost, production value, and export/import. Further, the report also explores the key industry players comprehensively. In this section, the report shows the company profile, capacity, product specifications, market shares, and production value for each company.

Global Boron Nitride Boat market competition by top manufacturers, with production, price, revenue (value) and market share for each manufacturer; the top players including

  • 3M
  • Orient Special Ceramics
  • Kennametal
  • Zibo HBN
  • MTK
  • Kennametal
  • Jonye Ceramics

Free Inquiry For Buying This Premium Report @

It also offers sights on the recent advancements in technology in the market. The report also consists of a scrutiny of the macro and micro facets remarkable for the currently vigorous and the new entities aside from the analysis of the value chain. The analysis was accomplished using an objective amalgamation of primary and secondary data including contributions from major participants in the market.

The global Boron Nitride Boat report is an essential reserve of data, primarily for the industry administrators. On request for the worldwide Boron Nitride Boat market by anyone, they will be offered with a wide-ranging data about the particular industry encompassing all its aspects in the report.

About QY Group

QYGroup provides a range of marketing and business research solutions designed for our client’s specific needs based on our expert resources. The business scopes of QYGroup cover more than 30 industries including energy, new materials, transportation, daily consumer goods, chemicals, etc. We provide our clients with one-stop solution for all the research requirements. QYGroup provides market research reports to industries, individuals and organizations with an objective of helping them in their decision making process. Our library includes industry country research reports covering micro markets. This comprehensive collection of market research reports include market share analysis, industry analysis, information on products, countries, market size, trends, business research details and much more

Contact Us:

QY Group
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Spicer’s Boat City in Houghton Lake Named 1 of the Top 100 2017 …

Spicer’s Boat City in Houghton Lake has been recognized as one of the top 100 boating dealers of 2017.

The Boating Industry’s top 100 has been around since 2005, ranking the best boat dealers in North America.

This is Spicer’s sixth year in a row making the list.

Sales manager Calvin Hissong said that it’s not only boat sales and production that goes into receiving this award, but also customer satisfaction, teaching, training and even learning.

“One thing that we really pride ourselves on is to never stop trying to learn, and I think that is a key factor for things. We do a really good job of trying to focus in and hone on what exactly matters the most to one: making people happy; and two: making sure we sell people the product that they want,” explained Hissong.

Spicer’s hopes to continue making the top 100 list for years to come.




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Spicer’s Boat City in Houghton Lake Named 1 of the Top 100 2017 Boating Dealers

Spicer’s Boat City in Houghton Lake has been recognized as one of the top 100 boating dealers of 2017.

The Boating Industry’s top 100 has been around since 2005, ranking the best boat dealers in North America.

This is Spicer’s sixth year in a row making the list.

Sales manager Calvin Hissong said that it’s not only boat sales and production that goes into receiving this award, but also customer satisfaction, teaching, training and even learning.

“One thing that we really pride ourselves on is to never stop trying to learn, and I think that is a key factor for things. We do a really good job of trying to focus in and hone on what exactly matters the most to one: making people happy; and two: making sure we sell people the product that they want,” explained Hissong.

Spicer’s hopes to continue making the top 100 list for years to come.




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Buzz’s Marine | Boats, Pontoons & Moore | Kearney NE

Mick Wise

President/General Manager


Ryan Wise

Sales/Sales Manager

May 1990 – Part Time

Jan 1999 – Full Time

Paul S

Sales/Used Manager

Jan 1996

Jeff S


March 2008

Josh J


Jan 2016


Kristi G

Marketing Director

Jan 2015

Liz C

Graphic Designer

May 2016


Sue Wise 


Sept 1987

Melanie B

Business Manager

June 2006 – Oct 2008

May 2011

Theresa P, CPA

Corporate Accountant

June 2017


Troy W

Service Manager

May 1992

Marilyn F

Warranty Coordinator

Nov 1999

Jeff G

Service Writer

April 2016

Matt D

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2000

Tony R

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2004

Kurtis B

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2013

Tim K

Service Tech/Rigging

Sept 2013


Service Tech/Rigging

Jan 2016

Mike T

Fiberglass Specialist

Nov 2015

John W


Aug 2004

Mitch M

Detail/Orientation Instructor

Feb 2008 – Oct 2009

May 2011

Bev B 


December 2014 – Part-time


Dustin D

Parts Accessories Sales Associate 

Feb 2009-March 2016

Parts Accessories Manager

April 2016

Jacob S

Freight Coordinator

March 2015 – Part-time

Parts Accessories Sales Associate

March 2016

Ben V

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2014-Dec 2015

Parts Accessories Sales Associate

Jan 2016

Sue D

Parts Accessories

March 2016 – Part-Time

Ryan “Red” R

Parts Accessories

Oct 2016 – Full-Time

Ben D

General Maintenance 

July 2017 – Part-Time

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