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Buzz’s Marine | Boats, Pontoons & Moore | Kearney NE

Mick Wise

President/General Manager


Ryan Wise

Sales/Sales Manager

May 1990 – Part Time

Jan 1999 – Full Time

Paul S

Sales/Used Manager

Jan 1996

Jeff S


March 2008

Josh J


Jan 2016


Kristi G

Marketing Director

Jan 2015

Liz C

Graphic Designer

May 2016


Sue Wise 


Sept 1987

Melanie B

Business Manager

June 2006 – Oct 2008

May 2011

Theresa P, CPA

Corporate Accountant

June 2017


Troy W

Service Manager

May 1992

Marilyn F

Warranty Coordinator

Nov 1999

Jeff G

Service Writer

April 2016

Matt D

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2000

Tony R

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2004

Kurtis B

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2013

Tim K

Service Tech/Rigging

Sept 2013


Service Tech/Rigging

Jan 2016

Mike T

Fiberglass Specialist

Nov 2015

John W


Aug 2004

Mitch M

Detail/Orientation Instructor

Feb 2008 – Oct 2009

May 2011

Bev B 


December 2014 – Part-time


Dustin D

Parts Accessories Sales Associate 

Feb 2009-March 2016

Parts Accessories Manager

April 2016

Jacob S

Freight Coordinator

March 2015 – Part-time

Parts Accessories Sales Associate

March 2016

Ben V

Service Tech/Rigging

Feb 2014-Dec 2015

Parts Accessories Sales Associate

Jan 2016

Sue D

Parts Accessories

March 2016 – Part-Time

Ryan “Red” R

Parts Accessories

Oct 2016 – Full-Time

Ben D

General Maintenance 

July 2017 – Part-Time

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Reduced! Your guide to the post-Christmas sales

St Stephen’s Day always flushes out the keen bargain hunters though many sales started even before Christmas. We have selected womenswear and menswear fashion buys at big reductions to whet the appetite. Some are the unaffordable dream buys for that special occasion when the boat can be pushed out – worthwhile investments to last a lifetime – while others won’t break the bank at prices from €18 up

1. Isabel Marant floral skirt – wear it with a big sweater winter or summer

Flower print skirt by Isabel Marant at Brown Thomas was 620 now 245

2. A beautiful black top with hand embellishment to keep forever by Simone Rocha

Black embellised top by Simone Rocha at Havana, Donnybrook. Was 1030 now 515

3. A practical double breasted coat to wear over a dress or with jeans

Double breasted coat from Arnotts was €400 now €240

4. A glamorous jacket from Louise Kennedy in luxurious materials

Midnight blue Lurex jacket by Louise Kennedy was €1795 now €1195.

5. Shoes that really make a statement by Rupert Sanderson

Starfire shoes by Rupert Sanderson were 715 now 429 from Costume, Castle Market, Dublin 2

6. For some very special occasion – and a dress to treasure

Black tulle ballet dress with black crystals and burnt Camelia flowers on the skirt handmade by Helen Cody, Westbury Mall Dublin and reduced by 50% to €1475

7. For the party girl on New Year’s Eve perhaps

Pink sequinned Millie Mackintosh dress was 404 now reduced by 40% to 243

8. A practical shirt for everyday but with a twist of embroidery

Embroidered Scotch Soda long sleeve shirt wws 124.95 now 62.50 from Arnotts

9. Glitter heels for sparkling occasions

Glitter stilettos from River Island were 60 now 24

10. A check coat – great with a red dress or with monochrome accessories

Check coat by Stella McCartney at Brown Thomas. Was 1195, now 545

11. A bag with standout style and useful as a cross body with a less expensive alternative

Alexander McQueen cross body bag was 1690 now 845 from Brown Thomas

Tan snake crossbody bag from River Island was 43 now 23

12. A fluffy accessory for the girly girl

Small coloured Mongolian fur chain bag from River Island was 101 now 53

13. A classic menswear coat and a bargain at €60

A classic menswear coat from River Island was €167 now €60

14. A true blue sweater perfect for jeans €18

Cool blue sweater was 45 now 18 at River Island

15. Suits from €299 and more

Louis Copeland is offering suits from 299 and two Purple Label suits for 699 (RPP 499)

16. A reversible coat – no two ways about that

The Banagher reversible coat by Magee was €595, sale price 416.50

17. A stylish quilted number to get your man through chilly days ahead

Quilted jacket by Gant at Brown Thomas – was 395, now 237

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Review: Mafia Deep Blue Bag

The San Francisco company Mafia Bags has been making beautiful and functional bags out of recycled materials for years. The brand’s trademark medium is sailcloth, the remnants of spent boating sails and kites that would otherwise end up in the trash. Last month, Mafia teamed up with Adam Savage to make the EDC One, an all-white sailcloth utility bag. Now, the company has teamed with noted designer Yves Béhar to make a backpack called the Deep Blue Bag.

The day bag, which seems designed for beachy adventures, is doubly eco-conscious. It’s made largely out of recycled materials, including boat sails, kite sails, climbing ropes, seatbelts, and strips of neoprene from used wetsuits. Also, it was developed in collaboration with the non-profit Sustainable Surf, which runs a program called Waste to Waves that collects throwaway EPS foam chunks and recycles them into surfboard blanks shapers can use to make eco-friendlier sleds. Proceeds from sales of the Deep Blue Bag will go toward funding Waste to Waves. So buying one promotes ocean health, which is just keen.

Wave Hello

Béhar, a busy designer who seemingly never turns down a commission, is a surfer, and his love of ocean sports informs the design of the Deep Blue. The defining visual characteristic is the diagonal swoop of blue material over a pillowy white bed of sailcloth. On the website of his firm, Fuse Project, Béhar says this flap of blue is meant to evoke a breaking wave. Sure. Under the lip of the wave, there’s a zipper which leads to a waterproof compartment. It’s a bag-inside-the-bag for storing a wet swimsuit, sandy sandals, or your damp beach towel. This interior waterproof pocket, like all good interior waterproof pockets, flips inside-out so it can be hosed off. There’s even a hook on the bottom of the Deep Blue so you can hang the whole thing upside-down while it dries. Design touches like these suggest Béhar has spent many a day at the beach.

A second zipper reveals a larger main compartment. It has a lightly padded backing, so while there’s no laptop sleeve built into the bag, the dongles on your 15-incher won’t dig into your back. On the pack’s rear interior wall, there’s also a small zipper pocket and a D-ring for clipping your whatever. Around the side, at the base of the right-hand strap, there’s a hidden stash pocket big enough for a phone, and there’s a carabiner on a leash where you can clip your keys. There’s also a pocket on the front made to fit a water bottle, and it’s lined with grippy recycled wetsuit material that keeps the bottle in there.

Bring the Noise

When you get the chance to touch a Deep Blue Bag, you’ll notice two things right away. One: It’s very light, just about one pound. Two: It’s noisy. The white and blue sailcloth crinkles emphatically, sounding not unlike a big bag of tortilla chips. So loud was the crinkling that when I wore the bag around town, it turned heads. On the bus, passengers craned their necks. At the grocery co-op, I got questions and double-takes. At the office, co-workers asked if deliberately making so much noise was really necessary. It’s easily the loudest backpack I’ve ever worn. (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.)

Marcos Mafia, the bag company’s co-founder, tells me in an email that this crinkly material is upcycled spinnaker sailcloth from sailboats. “This is the big rounded sail that is used to go downwind and looks like a big balloon,” he says. The lightweight nylon ripstop material was specifically chosen by Béhar because of its strength and its papery feel. Mafia has been using spinnaker sails on his company’s Native Series bags for a while as well.

It’s a choice that will turn off some buyers, and will no doubt surprise many customers who receive their backpack in the mail and lay their hands on it for the first time. But the spinnaker sailcloth gives the bag a nice structural quality. The material has enough rigidity to retain its puffy shape, and it adds a unique visual touch. I grew to appreciate it after telling myself the noise closely mimicked the roar of crashing waves.

One feature that did turn me off is the padding on the bottom of the bag, which is too thin to be effective. I used the Deep Blue to carry my camera and laptop for a couple of days and reliably cringed at the clunking noise I heard every time I set the bag down. Fragile packables will need their own padded cases.

Early Birds

When the bag goes on sale on Mafia’s website (which is soon), it’ll be priced at $200. But if you want to buy one early, you can get a discount by backing the bag on Kickstarter. Normally, I would be reluctant to recommend a product that’s being launched on Kickstarter—the crowdfunding landscape is littered with countless sketchy products that will likely never ship. But Mafia is a well-established company that’s been delivering hand-made bags for years, so trust shouldn’t be an issue. The three parties—Mafia, Béhar, and Sustainable Surf—are using the Kickstarter platform to move the first 500 bags before Mafia ramps up production. The Kickstarter campaign ends Tuesday, December 26, but you can just wait for the retail version if crowdfunding gives you hives.

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