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Pride Marine Group announces partnership with Friday Harbour Resort

Friday Harbour Resort and Pride Marine Group have announced a strategic new partnership to deliver a comprehensive suite of world-class marina services to Friday Harbour homeowners and public visitors.

Pride Marine Group will round out Friday Harbour’s marina offerings with the addition of new and pre-owned boat sales and brokerage, boat winterization and storage, parts and services, and watercraft rentals.

“Pride Marine Group is very excited about our partnership with Friday Harbour Resort,” said Paul Nickel, president of Pride Marine Group. “Being Canada’s premiere marine group, we look forward to combining our passion for unsurpassed customer experience, with the luxuries and comforts of Friday Harbour Resort. We believe the combination of our lifestyle brands will create an even more memorable experience for every customer. Pride Marine Group wants to play a key role in ensuring that the new boaters at Friday Harbour have a positive first experience as well as assisting experienced boaters find their next boat.”

The roster of brands carried by Pride Marine Group in Ontario features Nautique wake boats, Sea Ray’s full lineup including L-Class yachts and sport boats, and Chris-Craft.

Part of a 600-acre resort, Friday Harbour’s marina is a 40-acre boating playground located on Big Bay Point and is North America’s largest inland marina.

The full-service marina boasts state-of-the-art features and a beautifully designed, newly opened Harbour Master Building.

“Friday Harbour’s partnership with Pride Marine is a fundamental part of our world class Marina. We are dedicated to creating an unforgettable and unparalleled experience for all boaters who visit the Resort. Our Marina is truly one of a kind and together, we look forward to redefining what it means to take your boat onto Lake Simcoe,” said James DiRenzo, chief executive officer at Friday Harbour.

Additional luxury services offered at the Friday Harbour Marina include a professional marina staff, a leading edge docking system, a new, high-speed fuel docks with diesel, regular and premium gasoline, valet service, ice delivery, high‐speed wifi, Starbucks coffee, a retail shop with apparel, accessories, personal care items, food and drink, an ATM, shower, and laundry facilities.

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Van Drew will seek LoBiondo’s House seat

Van Drew, a Democrat from Cape May County, announced he would seek the House seat in next year’s midterm elections, saying he hopes to be a “consensus builder” in a Capitol beset with partisan acrimony.

Longtime state Sen. Jeff Van Drew is officially off and running for the 2nd Congressional District seat of retiring Republican Frank LoBiondo.

The Cape May County Democrat announced that he would seek the House seat in next year’s midterm elections, saying he hopes to be a “consensus builder” in a Capitol beset with partisan acrimony.

“Expect to hear a lot from me during this campaign about finding common ground,” Van Drew said Wednesday in a statement announcing his candidacy. “It won’t be easy or always even possible, but that must never stop us from making the effort. The future of our democracy depends on finding ways around our differences, so that we can work together on all that we have in common.”

The legislator’s entry into the race was widely speculated on since LoBiondo announced earlier this month that he would not seek re-election for a 13th term next year, in part, because of his frustration with the polarization of national politics and the gridlock in Congress.

“Regrettably, our nation is now consumed by increasing political polarization. There is no longer middle ground to honestly debate issues and put forward solutions,” LoBiondo said in his Nov. 8 statement announcing his retirement. “Those of us who came to Congress to change Washington for the better through good governance are now outliers. … Today, a vocal and obstinate minority within both parties has hijacked good legislation in pursuit of no legislation.”

In his announcement, Van Drew, of Dennis, said he hopes to represent the district in a similar manner to LoBiondo and his Democratic predecessor, William Hughes, in putting the needs of the district before party interests.

“I want to be a congressman for every resident in South Jersey, no matter what party. We need to resolve our petty differences and work together,” he said. “Moderation for the good of our nation and our children is a virtue. It seems obvious to most of us, but unfortunately extreme elements on both ends of the political spectrum are preventing that in Washington.”

A former member of the Cape May County Board of Freeholders, Van Drew has represented New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District since 2002 and has spent the last 10 in the state Senate. During his tenure, he has been an outspoken voice on issues related to economic development, veterans and the environment.

He has shown an independent streak on some issues, such as when he voted last summer against a transportation funding deal brokered by Democratic leaders and Gov. Chris Christie that raised the state’s gasoline tax.

He also voted in support of the pension and benefits reform deal from Christie’s first term.

Van Drew has emerged as a controversial figure on other issues, notably his vocal support for the construction of a natural gas pipeline through a portion of the protected Pinelands in Cumberland and Cape May counties that drew scorn from environmental groups.

He pushed for the Senate’s confirmation of Ocean City resident Bob Barr to serve on the Pinelands Commission. Barr ended up voting in favor of the controversial South Jersey Gas pipeline earlier this year when it came up for approval by the full commission.

The senator also was considered instrumental in the approval of legislation that cut and capped the sales tax levied on boat sales in the state, as well as legislation specifying that soccer and other sports should be permitted on preserved agricultural fields in the Pinelands.

LoBiondo’s decision to retire elevated the South Jersey district into a major battleground for the upcoming midterms.

The large district spans from Long Beach Island in Ocean County and the Burlington County Pinelands south to Cape May and west to Salem and Gloucester counties. It is home to 147,485 registered Democrats and 131,841 Republicans, along with 205,527 unaffiliated voters.

Even before Van Drew’s announcement, the Cook Political Report, a Washington-based publication known for its election prognosticating, labeled the district a “toss-up,” and the Democratic senator’s entry could prompt another rating change unless a well-known Republican enters the race soon.

Two other Democrats, Gloucester County teacher Tanzie Youngblood and Camden school administrator Sean Thom, have also announced their intention to run for the 2nd District seat. But Van Drew will be strongly favored to win the nomination and possibly flip the seat for the Democrats.

New Jersey is also expected to be a battleground for the state’s other Republican representatives, among them 3rd District Rep. Tom MacArthur, whose district spans most of Burlington County. Cook rates MacArthur’s race as “likely Republican.”

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Broads boatyard launches luxury picnic boat as it experiences growth in sales

PUBLISHED: 07:15 30 November 2017

John Butler onboard the new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONE

John Butler onboard the new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONE


The Starlight 770 is fitted with all the mod cons including a gas stove and basin. Picture: ANDREW STONEThe Starlight 770 is fitted with all the mod cons including a gas stove and basin. Picture: ANDREW STONE

John Butler, a partner of Herbert Woods and Waterside Marine Sales at Potter Heigham said sales for the first six months of the current financial year had already equalled total sales for the previous year.

He said: “What has happened is with the pound losing value and overseas holidays becoming more expensive and with there being little interest on savings, many people have decided that if they’re going to holiday in the UK they may as well invest in a boat, motorhome or caravan.

“With boats there is very little depreciation. Even really old boats which in previous years would not have sold have been moving.”

He said boats that were 20 to 25 years old were being sold for more than when they were new.

The Starlight 770 is fitted with all the mod cons one could need. Picture: ANDREW STONEThe Starlight 770 is fitted with all the mod cons one could need. Picture: ANDREW STONE

“We’re very positive about the future of the Broads boating market.”

The company recently launched a luxury version of its popular Starlight Picnic Boats.

The new craft has been built to private boat specification and contains many luxuries not always found on a hire boat.

Mr Butler said: “Starlight 770 has been manufactured with the same mouldings as our Starlight Picnic Boat, however, this boat is the latest version and has all the luxury specifications purposely designed for private use.”

John Butler on board the new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONEJohn Butler on board the new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONE

The new craft is able to seat several people for a day out on the water, or for longer trips for just two people the seating converts into a double berth.

The interior is well kitted out with top quality materials used throughout.

“There is teak and holly flooring, ivory marble-effect work tops, quality fabrics including lined curtains and beautiful upholstery,” said Mr Butler. “It has all the mod cons you would expect to find on a new beautifully fitted boat.”

He said the Starlight 770 is on sale for £98,630 and they expected to sell four next year.

The new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONEThe new Starlight 770. Picture: ANDREW STONE

The company is also planning to build a larger version of an Adventuring Light for private sale.

Last year 26 brand new private moorings were introduced at the Woods Basin in Potter Heigham. The stern-on moorings can accommodate boats up to 14 metres in length and each mooring is equipped with electricity and water supply.

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Hundreds welcome Santa’s shrimp boat

On Friday, Riverside Park was packed as more than 700 people waited for St. Nick to cruise into view aboard the Buddy’s Boys in traditional Apalachicola fashion.

More than 250 children shared their holiday wishes with the holly jolly elf and were treated to hot dogs and popcorn, courtesy of the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce. Age-appropriate storybooks were provided by the “Santa Says…Read” booth sponsored by the Dinner Divas and Bring Me A Book Franklin.

The number of youngsters who sat on Santa’s knee increased by about 40 over last year’s Black Friday festivities. Luminaries lined the festive streets and businesses were open until 8 p.m. or even later.

Restaurants and bars reported record sales and in many it was standing room only. Downtown stores were packed with shoppers.

Carolers in traditional garb made the rounds and with Pam Nobles’ dancing angels on hand to entertain the crowd it definitely looked a lot like Christmas.

Members of the Philaco Women’s’ Club continued their own Christmas tradition with a booth selling baked goods and crafts to support their charitable outreach projects. The ladies raised nearly $500, including $100 from sales of their widely-praised cookbook. The books are on sale at several downtown merchants.

Philaco will also have cookbooks and Christmas ornaments, including many handcrafted from wine corks, at the Holiday Fresh Market in downtown Apalachicola this Saturday, Dec. 2.


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Coastal standbys we’ve lost in 2017: Dragons, punkin cannons and trains


The fourth Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta in Blades saw lots of waterlogged boats … and some of them even kept their passengers dry.
Scott Goss/ Gary Emeigh for The News Journal

As January approaches, it has become traditional to look back on the year that has passed and reflect upon those aspects of coastal life that will no longer be with us in the new year. 

While I would very much like to include Overbrook Town Center proposals as one of those aspects, it appears that that will need to wait until the December 2018 column. In the meantime, let’s explore this year’s Top 3 departures.  

First, after a pull of five years, the organizers of the Dragon Boat Festival have decided to permanently disembark. Gone will be the colorful, canoe-like vessels, with their dragon’s head prows and rear tails to match. No longer will those boats be powered through crab-infested waters by 20 synchronized paddlers in pursuit of fame and glory.  

With the demise of the Dragon Boat Festival, area residents will need to find a different nautical means of pursuing magical dragons (like Puff) that live by the sea, as well as the fire-breathing variety that have been known to vacation in the coastal region when not filming an episode of “Game of Thrones.”  

While we search for those alternate means, we may want to attend an event that is still very much alive — the annual Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta. 

Held annually on the Nanticoke River, near Seaford, the regatta features watercraft made entirely of — wait for it — cardboard, often of the corrugated type. I am not sure why the cardboard has to be recycled, but I’m certain the organizers have their reasons.

In any case, no wood or metal can be used in their construction. However, duct tape and multiple coats of polyurethane or enamel paint may, and really must, be applied if the boat is to stay afloat for the full 200 yards of the race.  

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Even with duct tape’s renowned strength and water-resistance, the cardboard boats have a decided tendency to tilt, to buckle, to capsize, and, ultimately, to sink. All of which has led the organizers to create a special “Titanic Award,” which is given each year for the “Most Dramatic Sinking.”  

Second, this year also saw what appears to be the final demise of the World Punkin Chunkin Association’s somewhat annual championship event. This brings an end to the chunkaroo after 30-odd, and I use that modifier advisedly, years of airborne pumpkins. What was probably the most spectacular vegetarian sporting contest in the nation is no more.  

While there may be a need to dispose of excess Sussex pumpkins (try saying those last three words repeatedly), there must be a more expedient and safer way of doing away with those left over from Halloween. 

Employing air cannons to shoot them almost a mile downrange, only to have the pumpkins smashed to smithereens, gives new meaning to the phrase “cannon fodder.”  

Regardless, the question remains of what to do with those unemployed air cannons? One enterprising coastal resident has proposed selling them to the Quaker Oats Company. 

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Makers of puffed wheat and puffed oats cereal, their sales took off decades ago when Quaker adopted the now classic slogan that they were “the cereal shot from guns.” Now, the proposal goes, they can launch a major new ad campaign, promoting “the cereal shot from air cannons.”   

Finally, it appears that 2017 will mark the end of an era, as train service disappears from the First Town in the First State. DelDOT announced in July that it would decommission the Delaware Coast Line Railroad segment that runs from Cool Spring to Lewes. 

“Decommission” is a four-syllable word that government agencies employ to indicate that service will “cease” or come to an “end.” Either of those one-syllable words would have been sufficient in this context, and would have saved countless tax dollars in printing costs.  

In any case, it seems that the hand-cranked swing bridge that trains have used for 100 years to cross over the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal was out of alignment with the connecting track on either side. Apparently, the bridge has sunk some 7 inches into the canal bed. State inspectors concluded that no amount of hand-cranking was going to overcome that discrepancy.  

Mike Berger is a freelance writer and retired university administrator with a home in Lewes. Contact him at  

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9 Startup Lessons From a Young Sales Guru

I asked Long what his best sales month was to date. He said, “It was $87,000, which broke my personal record and the company I work for, Legacy Life. I did over $300,000 in 2016 and will be over $400,000 in 2017. I do this all working roughly 35 hours and buying 10 new leads each week.”

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Freedom Boat Club of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Named Franchise of the Year

Jacksonville, FL November 29, 2017 – Lisa Almeida and Kevin Seelig, owners and partners of the Freedom Boat Club franchise in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and the newly launched location in Ponte Vedra, received four major national awards at the 2017 Freedom Boat Club National Franchise Conference held recently in Ft. Myers, FL.

Topping the list is the most coveted award of all, the 2017 Freedom Boat Club Franchise of the Year, given to the club with the overall top performance over multiple categories.

“I am beyond thrilled that we have been chosen for this prestigious designation from our Freedom Boat Club family,” said Almeida. “I am so proud of our entire staff for all their hard work and dedication.”

Additional recognition for the franchise team included the inaugural Membership Executive of the Year award given to North America’s top Freedom Boat Club sales professional. Staff member George Biastre took home this top honor.

The franchise also received recognition as a two-year member of the National Marketing Advisory Council and for its participation as a National Charity Marketing Partner in behalf of its contributions for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

“We are very pleased to recognize Lisa Almeida, Kevin Seelig, George Biastre and the entire team for an outstanding year,” said Freedom Boat Club President and CEO John Giglio. “Their hard work and effort in growing the club and marketing the brand, coupled with their recent expansion into Ponte Vedra and their high level of commitment to providing excellent member service, placed this franchise in a league all its own.”

“Kevin and I are lucky that we have been able to surround ourselves with a team of professionals who are passionate about Freedom Boat Club and who strive to make our locations the very best for our members,” said Almeida. “We invite everyone to come visit us at any of our three locations to see all that Freedom Boat Club offers.”

Freedom Boat Club is the nation’s oldest and largest boat club, with more than 145 club locations operating in 29 states and Canada. For more information about Freedom Boat Club in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra, call (904) 770-4632 or visit

About Freedom Boat Club
Freedom Boat Club is the world’s largest members-only boating club. It is a simple alternative to boat ownership. Freedom Boat Club has locations locally at Julington Creek Marina in Jacksonville, Camachee Cove Marina in St. Augustine and Palm Valley Outdoors in Ponte Vedra. Members have unlimited access to the home club’s fleet and can reserve a boat using a member-friendly online reservation system. Member privileges are also available at any of more than 145 Freedom Boat Club franchises throughout the United States and Canada. Each provides a fleet of boats that come with less stress and a lower price tag than owning a single boat. Freedom Boat Club offers a variety of membership plans. For more information, visit


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MARKET SNAPSHOT: Dow, S&P 500 Hit Records As Fed Nominee Powell Fails To Rock Boat

By William Watts, MarketWatch , Ryan Vlastelica

Ten of the 11 primary SP 500 sectors are higher on the day

U.S. stocks extended gains Tuesday, with both the Dow and the SP 500 extending a run into record territory after upbeat economic data and as Jerome Powell, President Donald Trump’s pick to run the Federal Reserve, indicated he wouldn’t make drastic changes to central bank policy.

What are the main benchmarks doing?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 133 points, or 0.6%, to 23,715. The SP 500 added 14 points, or 0.5%, to 2,615. The Nasdaq Composite Index was up 19 points, or 0.3%, to 6,897. Both the Dow and the SP hit all-time highs, while the Nasdaq was fractionally below its own record.

The three equity benchmarks have set multiple records in 2017, boosted by factors such as an expanding U.S. economy, rising corporate profits, anemic expected returns for other assets and bets that the Trump administration will deliver tax cuts and other business-friendly policies.

The day’s gains were broad, with 10 of the 11 primary SP 500 sectors higher on the day. Financials were the top gainers, up 1.2%, while real estate lagged behind with a 0.4% fall.

What’s driving markets?

Powell testified at a Senate confirmation hearing ( Tuesday morning, giving investors their first big clue on how he hopes to operate at the Fed. His opening statement for the hearing was released Monday, indicating he expects to stay on the course ( set by the current Fed chief, Janet Yellen.

Read MarketWatch’s live blog of the confirmation hearing (

In a speech Tuesday, New York Fed President William Dudley called for the public reporting of Treasury market transactions (

Late Monday, Dudley said he still expects a strong job market will help push inflation up over time, and he repeated his view that low inflation with low unemployment is “not actually a bad thing (”

Check out:MarketWatch’s Economic Calendar (

On the data front, the Conference Board’s consumer-confidence index jumped to 129.5 in November, well above the 124.8 forecast from economists polled by MarketWatch and marking a 17-year high (

Also, the advanced U.S. trade deficit in goods rose 6.5% to $68.3 billion in October ( Separately, home prices rose at their fastest pace in more than three years in September (

Read:Bond traders don’t care about nonfarm payrolls anymore (

Stocks shrugged off the cancellation of a meeting between Trump and congressional leaders, including top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer and top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi after the president tweeted that he didn’t see prospects for a deal to avoid a government shutdown on Dec. 8.

What are strategists saying?

“I think Powell will keep things steady. Everything I’ve heard and read suggests he’ll be pretty much a continuation of [current Fed Chairwoman Janet] Yellen. While there’s historically some concern about changing Fed chiefs, that’s something we’ll worry about more next year,” said Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Phoenix Financial Services.

“Meanwhile, this is a strong market that continues to grind up, and I expect the market will continue to move higher throughout the end of the year. The market is very comfortable with valuations here, and so long as earnings continue to move up, I don’t see that changing.”

“Good earnings and strong economic data” continue to be the main focus for investors, said Art Hogan, chief market strategist for Wunderlich and B. Riley FBR.

Hogan said market participants appear confident congressional leaders will seek to avert a government shutdown ahead of midterm elections in 2018, noting that recent shutdown showdowns have resulted in deals.

Which stocks are key movers?

Shares in Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.(BWLD) climbed 6.4% after Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., which is owned by private-equity firm Roark Capital Group, agreed to acquire the restaurant chain ( for $157 a share in a deal valued at $2.9 billion, including debt.

Shares in Inc.(AMZN) rose 0.4% as investors assessed how the e-commerce giant performed on Cyber Monday. Adobe data have indicated this year’s Cyber Monday sales set a record ( The SPDR SP Retail ETF (XRT) was up 0.5%.

Wells Fargo Co.’s stock (WFC) rose 1%. Earlier, it was reported that the bank overcharged foreign-exchange clients (

What are other assets doing?

European stocks ( traded higher, while Asian markets closed mixed ( Oil futures ( continued to pull back, as some analysts voiced doubts over what a Thursday meeting of key producers will achieve. The ICE U.S. Dollar Index ( rose, and gold futures ( were roughly unchanged.

–Victor Reklaitis contributed to this article.


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November 28, 2017 12:38 ET (17:38 GMT)

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