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38 South Boat Sales – New Glastron dealers – Power Boat

38 South Boat Sales – New Glastron dealers

by 38 South Boat Sales today at 4:25 am

GTS 185 38 South Boat Sales

We are pleased to announced that 38 South Boat Sales are the new importers and dealers for Glastron in Victoria and South Australia, and will be relaunching the brand in Victoria at the 2017 Melbourne Boat Show from the 16th June with the GT 185 and GTS 185.

Glastron is part of the RecGroup that was acquired by the Jeanneau group nearly 3 years ago to capitalise on the extensive dealer network of both groups.

However like Jeanneau, Glastron also has a rich legacy of design over the last 60 years, and to honor its history, a new concept was born.

The new Glastron models are not just a boat, they are a tribute to 60+ years of boat building. Past designs were well recognized for their style, performance, and attention to detail. Just as Randy Vance, editor of Boating Life stated “Glastrons were the Ferrari of boats. If you were driving one of these you had everyone’s attention.”

For more information, please refer to the new Glastron website or see the GTS 185 and GT 185 on our website.

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Hinckley touting pre-owned boats

KEY LARGO, Fla. — Hinckley Yachts will introduce a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program starting this month, which will offer customers extended warranties and the assurance that their purchase has been factory maintained.

“Many Hinckleys that reach the used boat market have not only been built by Hinckley, but they have been maintained throughout their life by our own staff. We know these boats, we know that they’ve been properly serviced, we represent them in the marketplace, so our confidence in them is very high,” said Hinckley CEO Peter O’Connell. “Extending specific warranties to a new owner is easy for us, and it feels like a good way to welcome a new owner into our brand family.” O’Connell made the announcement at the Hinckley Owners Rendezvous at Ocean Reef in Key Largo, Fla., over the weekend.

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The first certified pre-owned Hinckleys will appear on the brokerage market this month.

In order for a Hinckley to qualify for CPO status, it must have been serviced in the company’s seven service operations or in a yard authorized to service Hinckley products. The boat must then undergo inspection and be listed for sale with a Hinckley-owned sales office. There is no program cost to the seller or buyer of the certified pre-owned boat.

The warranties provided by the program vary according to the age of the boat. Platinum coverage for boats less than five years old provides a lifetime hull and deck warranty and a powertrain warranty for the balance of the original manufacturer’s, plus two additional years. Gold coverage for boats five to 10 years old provides a hull and deck warranty for 12 years from the original date of build, plus two years of powertrain coverage. Silver coverage provides Hinckleys over 10 years old a one-year powertrain warranty.

“Hinckleys already retain their value well when resold and have among the lowest depreciation rates in the industry,” O’Connell said. “We think that the certified pre-owned program will further enhance value retention. Owners whose boats are about to come on the market as part of the program are excited about the prospects.”

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