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New Hope Marine Introduces New Website Highlighting Boat Sales, Service and …

New Hope Marine logo

New Hope Marine launched a new website to bring you the best in boat sales and service. All savings and services are in detail at

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, November 30, 2015 / — New Hope Marine has launched a brand new website to bring together all of its excellent services in one place. All of the features on the New Hope Marine website are a way to get out of the water and get online towards great savings and excellent service. All of those savings and services are explained in detail at

Based out of Gastonia, NC, New Hope Marine offers a vast inventory of new and pre-owned boats for sale. New Hope Marine also sells replacement boating parts from the leading industry manufacturers and is equipped with a complete service center.

Prospective boat owners no longer need to venture down to New Hope Marine to view its inventory. A simple online visit to the new website shows all of the current boats for sale at New Hope Marine. These listings are complete with photo galleries that provide multiple pictures of all the items for sale. Customers can see the boats from all different angles before taking a look in person.

Boat listings are categorized by manufacturer, model, price and condition to make browsing simpler for each online visitor. There are listings for the inventory of new boats as well as pre-owned boats. New Hope Marine carries stock from manufacturers like Bennington Boats, Lowe Boats and Load Rite.

The website emphasizes that service comes with a stamp of approval as New Hope Marine is an authorized service center for the leading manufacturers in the industry. When it comes to buying and servicing parts for boat motors from brand names such as Mercury, Yamaha and Honda, customers can be assured the service technicians at New Hope Marine have been factory trained.

The new website also provides a service request form where customers can get started on the process of repairing parts made by any of the leading manufacturers. The ease of the online request process is another way New Hope Marine simplifies things for its customers. Come browse our store to see our latest stock of Pontoon Boats, Fishing Boats, Marine Boats and much more!

New Hope Marine is expanding its overall online presence with various social media and web 2.0 properties to stay connected to their customers as well as the introduction of a monthly blog. The New Hope Marine blog can be accessed through the website and will provide updated and informative posts for the benefit of all boat owners.

New Hope Marine is located at 3717 S New Hope Road in Gastonia, NC 28056. Store hours are from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, and from 9am-1pm on Saturdays.

Contact one of the professionals at New Hope Marine via email at or by phone at (704) 842-3994.

Press release courtesy of Online PR Media:

(704) 842-3994
email us here

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Marinemax Incorporated (NYSE:HZO): 6 Analysts Expecting Sales of 179.25

Analyst Rating and Updates for Marinemax Incorporated

Marinemax Incorporated’s graph of NYSE:HZO performance.

Today’s market news: Marinemax Incorporated trades against a 52 week low of 13.86 and a 52 week of high 28.69. Technical indicators show a 50 day
moving average of 15.92. In recent market movement, the Marinemax Incorporated stock was seen at a 3.18 change from the 50 day moving average, which is

What are the estimates Marinemax Incorporated’s earnings? How well has Marinemax Incorporated actually performed?

Recently, we surveyed 1 analysts were expecting an average of $0 earnings per share for Marinemax Incorporated, for the 1 quarter of the fiscal year ending
in 2017.

Among these analysts, the highest expected EPS was $0. Counter to that, the lowest was $0. This represents a 100% change for the EPS reported for the same quarter in the prior year. This equates to the consensus earnings growth estimate for the last 12 months, and should not be mistaken for a long term growth estimate.
There are a number of different data suppliers out there, so our our reporting may be different then the numbers reported by FactSet and other sources.

Many esteemed, awesome, well known and loveable analysts are rating Marinemax Incorporated:

The overall rating for the company is 1.43. The rating is an average of the various different ratings given by analysts and brokers to Marinemax Incorporated, and then averaged into one rating by a team of analysts at Zacks in Chicago, Illinois.

The bigger question, is, of course, can (NYSE:HZO) hit expected sales that analysts think it should get?

Marinemax Incorporated most recently announcied its earnings on 2015-11-03. After surveying 6 different analysts, we established an average estimate of
$ 0.2 earnings per share (EPS) for NYSE:HZO. Actual earnings share as last reported was 0.2.

What do Analysts think will be Marinemax Incorporated’s EPS?

MarineMax, Inc. is a recreational boat dealer in the United States. Through 54 retail locations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas, the Company sells new and used recreational boats, including pleasure and fishing boats. It also sells related marine products, including engines, trailers, parts, and accessories. In addition, the Company provides repair, maintenance, and slip and storage services; it arranges related boat financing, insurance, and extended service contracts; it offers boat and yacht brokerage services, and it operates a yacht charter business. In March 2013, it acquired Parker Boat Company’s retail boat sales and service operations in Orlando and Daytona, Florida.

In its most recent quarter Marinemax Incorporated had actual sales of $ 189.252M. Among the 5 analysts who were surveyed, the consensus expectation for quarterly sales had been
179.25M. This represents a 5.579% difference between analyst expectations and the Marinemax Incorporated achieved in its quarterly earnings.

We’ve also learned that Marinemax Incorporated will report its next earnings on February 4, 2016. The earnings report after that one will be on April 28, 2016, and the report for the fiscal year will be made available on November 1, 2016.

Last quarters actual earnings were 0.22 per share.

Furthermore, Marinemax Incorporated exhibits capitalization on the stock market of 465.87M. Marinemax Incorporated Reported earnings before interest, taxes, debt and amortization (EBITDA) is 33.14M. Earnings per share were 1.92.

Marinemax Incorporated (NYSE:HZO): 6 Analysts Expecting Sales of 179.25 added by on 2015-11-30
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Paying final respects to a titan of the corporate sales world

Charles Michael Cawley was an old-fashioned corporate boss who used power not just to enrich shareholders but to make an impact on those around him.

The MBNA America Bank founder, 75, was buried Nov. 21 at a Catholic church in Camden, Maine, the seaside town where he spent summers as a kid and which he revived as a giant satellite office for the credit-card lender he created. That once-dominant company has now been sold off, rebranded, and forgotten, since even the loudest firms in time prove as fragile as people.

Cawley was a bigger power in Delaware, where MBNA replaced DuPont Co. for a time as the leading employer, and exerted influence on Wall Street and Washington.

Cawley deserves a place beside Tom Watson of IBM, A.P. Giannini of Bank of America, and even Steve Jobs of Apple in the pantheon of masters of U.S. corporate sales culture. More likely he will remain obscure, since MBNA, under Cawley’s partner, Wall Street operator Alfred Lerner, kept a low profile from the early 1980s until it was bought and dismantled by Bank of America 10 years ago.

The Jesuit-educated son of a hard-driving consumer-finance manager, Cawley was a grandiose, blunt, emotional, demanding, giving, and maniacally focused boss. He pioneered the trick of marketing credit cards to colleges (starting with his alma mater, Georgetown University) and professional groups (starting with the nation’s neglected dentists).

To run the accounts his marketing machine created, Cawley turned vacant city lots, closed factories, and a former AP into light-flooded call centers; deployed armies of hungry local tradespeople; half-inspired and half-terrifed new college grads to believe they were gifted managers; built programs for disabled workers; annoyed summer people with his big new house and his fast, loud boat; and fabulously patronized neighborhood cultural, educational, and eating establishments.

“You ‘train’ horses; we educate men and women,” he liked to say. “Attention to detail drives everything we do,” he painted on MBNA’s walls.

“Financial products are sold, not bought,” he told me.

He dispatched lobbyists and directed donations to pass legislation that blocked American credit-card debtors from federal bankruptcy protection. Cawley was unapologetic that his empire’s best customers ran deep into debt.

He collected more than $300 million in his last 10 years as CEO. After Lerner died in 2002, his son Randolph Lerner and other directors clipped Cawley’s option grants and demanded he pay for using company jets. He stepped aside.

Cawley’s charity was extensive. He helped a poor New Jersey kid attend prep school and Yale, only to see the young man die in a drug deal, as recounted in the book The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, by Jeff Hobbs.

Longer lasting is the mark Cawley left on people such as former MBNA manager Cindy Mann, now principal of Padua Academy in Wilmington. She asked Cawley to teach her “how to think big,” she told me. Like many Cawley lieutenants, she changed careers when the bank was sold and has built the all-girls prep school until there’s a waiting list to get in.

She says Cawley taught her “service, leadership, courage, treatment of people – to think, to vision, to move with courage and conviction – without excuses, or words like can’t.

215-854-5194 @PhillyJoeD

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China Rendez-Vous boat show in push to make yachting ‘cool’ among China’s …

What’s stopping a super-rich Chinese from buying a super yacht? Mainly a poor understanding of yachting in China, according to one luxury-yacht maker.

“The slowing economy [does affect our sales], but it’s the lack of knowledge of the value of yachting that’s our biggest enemy in China,” said Alessandro Tirelli, sales director of Italian luxury-yacht maker Ferretti Group.

Ferretti is one of many exhibitors at the country’s largest boat show, the China Rendez-Vous, in Sanya, Hainan province, which ends on Monday. It is displaying eight vessels up to 30 metres long.

READ MORE: Ahoy! Yacht makers promote boating as lifestyle as they navigate China’s sea of opportunity

A super yacht, defined as a luxury boat longer than 24 metres, typically cost more than 20 million yuan (HK$24 million).

“Chinese people travel a lot today. They go to Paris, London, but they rarely go to the Mediterranean or other places where yachting is considered a way of life. So we have to show it to our customers,” Tirelli said.

In Hong Kong, Ferretti would invite Chinese customers and their families on a one-day tour, giving them a taste of the privacy and relaxation they could enjoy out at sea, he said.

Super yachts are far less popular than luxury cars and private jets among China’s swelling ranks of billionaires. Of some 4,800 super yachts around the world in 2013, only 34 were in mainland China, according to a New Zealand government estimate.

Chinese yacht owners prefer to use their vessels as social venues to meet friends or business partners but seldom go for long trips. To adapt to their preferences, Ferretti has built larger cabins in their boats and cut the number of bedrooms while adding karaoke and cigar rooms.

“[Chinese people] may spend tens of millions of yuan on a private jet as it’s a useful transport tool. But yachts are just an unfamiliar pastime to them,” said China Rendez-Vous founder Lawrence Wang Dafu.

Since the central government launched its anti-graft crackdown in 2013, some Chinese buyers have also turned to overseas markets such as Singapore to buy their super yachts.

Ewa Stachurska, marketing manager of Asia’s leading yacht agency Simpson Marine, said many bought their yachts overseas also to avoid paying the 43.6 per cent tax levied on imported boats in China.

Chinese consumers’ demand was evolving, she said. “In the past, it was much about bling bling. But now … when we recommend Chinese-style designs to our customers, they tell us, ‘Don’t treat me like a Chinese. I want my boat like those everywhere else’,” Stachurska said.


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Big home sales of the week include a South End townhouse and country estates … Staff

In yet another week of big sales, Boston’s South End seems to be the real star with six homes selling for well over a million dollars—including one that made it up to $4.3 million. Other towns in the Boston area didn’t fair so badly themselves, with plenty of other home sales that went for over a million. Check these out.

185 W Brookline Street, Boston

This five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 3,981-square-foot Victorian multi-level home sold on November 20 for $4.3 million. The single-family home was built in 1866 and is a big sale even for the already expensive South End with an average home price of $900,000. It has been fully renovated combining historic with modern and has a private garden, a formal dining room, a library/office, a home theater, and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar.

26 Bullard Street, Sherborn

On November 20, this home on 38 acres of land sold for $3,234,700, which is well above the $822,000 average home price in the town west of Boston. Along with the large amount of acreage surrounding the home with wide open rolling meadows and a pond, the 1936 home itself has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and 5,713 square feet of living space. There is a tree-lined driveway, a three-bedroom carriage house with a wishing well, a six-car garage, and a patio.

7 Carver Street, Somerville

This contemporary home built in 2008 sold for $1.4 millon on November 20, which is getting pretty close to Somerville’s most expensive home sale ever and beats out the average home price of $779,000. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,680-square-foot home has an attached garage, a fenced backyard, stainless steel appliances, and a large family room.

75 Sargent Road, Brookline

In a town that frequently has pricey home sales, this Brookline home that sold for $4,950,000 on November 24 still went for well above the average home price of $1,355,000.

The renovated home was built in 1860 and sits on an acre of land with six bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and 6,028 square feet of living space. According to the listing it was one of the “original structures in Brookline’s bucolic Sargent Trust” neighborhood and has a library, a 40-foot-long living room, an expansive kitchen, original trees, two patios, and a grand front courtyard.

Related: Boston suburbs with the best nature access

We spend a lot of time in this space giving you news and context about living in Boston’s booming urban center, but there’s another side to the city as well. Massachusetts is full of outdoor spaces, many of which are in reach for people living and working in the Boston metro area.
Here’s a list for people who need to get their urban and natural fixes in equal measure – towns within the I-495 belt with access to serious outdoor opportunities.
We showcase two wilderness areas per town because a diversity of choices is what sets these places apart.

Concord. “A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” – Henry David Thoreau, “Walden”

Concord is top of the list because it’s home to the most iconic outdoor spot in the entire region: Walden Pond. In the 1840s, Henry David Thoreau sowed the seeds of the conservation movement in a small cabin on the pond’s shores, where he lived alone for two years.
Nowadays, you can visit a replica of the cabin, swim in the pond in the summer, or hike around the iconic body of water.

Concord. The majority of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is a string of freshwater wetlands that stretches along the Concord River and into the center of town, which makes the area a big draw for birds and birders alike.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service, which oversees the park, lists 220 different species that have been recorded there. The six-foot wingspan of the Great Blue Heron is a common sight, and if you’re lucky you might see a muskrat or a threatened species of box turtle.
Hunters can take advantage of the winter waterfowl season. In the fall, you can hunt White-tailed Deer with bow and arrow.

Medford. “Something like five miles northerly from Boston lies a great tract of country, all stony hills and table-lands, almost uninhabited, and of wonderful picturesqueness, and wild rugged beauty.”

That is how the Boston Herald described Middlesex Fells in 1879, during a years-long fight to protect the wilderness there from logging and other industrial forces. The Middlesex Fells Reservation, which was finally created in the mid-1880s, is right in Medford’s backyard.
Although I-93 now runs through the middle of the reservation, diminishing its “wild, rugged beauty” somewhat, it still contains miles upon miles of hiking trails. The Fells is centered around Spot Pond, where you can rent kayaks, sailboats, rowboats and canoes in the summer months. The rocky, hilly landscape also makes the Middlesex Fells a particular draw for mountain bikers.
And there’s a ZOO. You can go even in the winter, when Stone Zoo’s website says you’re likely to see black bears, snow leopards, cougars, meerkats and otters, which, frankly, sound like all the best animals anyway.

Medford. On the other side of Medford runs the Mystic River, the shores of which are dotted with parks that make up the state-run Mystic River Reservation.
Now, the Mystic has a checkered history in terms of water quality. As recently as 2013, the EPA gave the whole Mystic River Watershed a grade of “D” because the water met the agency’s cleanliness standards for swimming only 49 percent of the time and for boating only 83 percent of the time.
With that caveat in place, you can row or sail at the Mystic Lakes and motor boat off Mary O’Malley Park (which is actually in neighboring Chelsea). And even if you decide the water is too dirty to go in, you won’t be able to tell from the shores, which are full of picnic spots with beautiful views of the water.

Milton. Milton is for mountain climbers.
…Or at least it’s the best they’re going to get inside the I-495 belt. The Great Blue Hill rises to 635 feet, which is just enough for a killer view of the whole Boston metro region.
The Blue Hills Reservation has more than 125 miles of hiking trails, but what really sets it apart are the 16 historic structures scattered around the park. One of those is the Blue Hills Weather Observatory, which sits at the highest point of the Great Blue Hill.

Milton. From the mountains to the sea…
On the northern border of Milton you’ll find the Neponset River Reservation, where the river turns into a saltwater estuary as it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The marshes make for great fishing, canoeing and kayaking. “Hiking” might be a strong word for what you can do on the Neponset River Reservation, but you can walk around flat trails with pretty views.

Dover. Dover is nicely situated among a constellation of parks, reservations and wildlife refuges. Along the town’s western edge is the Rocky Narrows Reservation. The “Rocky Narrows” refers to a section of the Charles River flowing between cliff walls that are, uh, close together and made of rocks (granite to be specific).
The area is a must-visit for paddlers, but the varied hiking trails and the view from King Phillip’s Overlook should appeal to everyone.

Dover. On Dover’s eastern border you can frolic through the Hale Reservation, which is privately run but open to the public year-round for fishing, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. The Reservation even runs a number of summer programs guaranteed to get your kids outside during the summer months.
Hale Reservation also borders Noanet Woodlands, which adds 17 miles of hiking trails and a view of the Boston skyline to Dover’s outdoor options.

Sudbury. Another point in favor of Concord is that it’s within easy striking distance of the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, but the wilderness there really belongs to Sudbury (and Maynard, Stow and Hudson).
The Assabet River Refuge’s primary appeal is its diversity of wildlife. Both forest and wetlands lie within the refuge’s borders, making it home to migratory birds, deer, otters, turtles, salamanders and a lot more.
The park is also open to hunting turkey, grouse, rabbit and squirrel during their respective seasons.

Sudbury. The Sudbury Dam, along with its beautiful spillway, was built in the late 1800s. It is now in the National Register of Historic Places and the reservoir it created is a backup drinking supply for the Framingham-Sudbury area.
The protected area around the reservoir is open through the winter months to hikers and cross-country skiers. In the summer it’s a peaceful place for picnicking or birdwatching.

Hingham. Having Hingham on this list might look like a curveball, but if you’re looking to get out of Boston and out-of-doors for more than a day trip, Wompatuck State Park is your best bet. The park has more than 250 campsites, many of which accommodate trailer campers.
Wompatuck is less rugged than some of the other state parks. 140 of the campsites have electricity, 12 miles of bike paths are paved, and there’s a boat dock to get you into the reservoir.

Hingham. Hingham can also boast the small but unique “World’s End,” a blob of land in Hingham Bay attached to the mainland by a thin strip of soil dumped there by colonial farmers. The park’s original carriage trails, designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, still remain. And from the tip of the peninsula, you can see the skyline of Boston, 15 miles away across the water.

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Yachtworld: Broker sales up 6% in US, 21% in Europe

Dominion Marine Media (DMM), a division of Dominion Enterprises, has released new global sold boat data in its latest YachtWorld Market Index for the third quarter of 2015. The report shows variations between the U.S. and European markets, but on the whole the picture is positive with yacht brokers reporting to have sold more boats at a higher total value during the three month period, versus sales in 2014.

In the third quarter of 2015, the total value of boats sold saw a very healthy increase, with six percent growth in the U.S. and 21 percent growth in Europe. The U.S. also saw a two percent increase in terms of volume of brokerage boat sales, compared to that in 2014, while they remained even in Europe. Strong sales values in the third quarter have helped to boost the total sales value for 2015 to date in both markets, with the U.S. currently two percent above and Europe five percent above 2014 sales figures.

This edition of the YachtWorld Market Index also includes the five top selling brands in the biggest brokerage classes on each continent.

According to, the top Power Cruiser brand in the U.S. was Sea Ray, with 75 percent higher sales than the second place Bayliner. Sea Ray also tops the Express Cruiser and Motor Yacht classes, while Boston Whaler tops the Center Console and Saltwater Fishing classes. Marlow Hunter is the top Sail Cruiser brand.

In Europe, Jeanneau tops the Sail Cruiser and Power Cruiser brand classes, with Sunseeker the biggest Motor Yacht brand. Beneteau is the highest selling Sail Cruiser/Racer, and Sealine tops the Sports Cruiser category.

The Q3 YachtWorld Market Index for 2015 is now available for download at With its extended range of data and commentary, it provides invaluable insight into the nuances of the U.S. and European markets. As usual, the data for the report was derived from, the proprietary database in which both U.S. and European members of YachtWorld record their sales.

YachtWorld Brand Manager Katy Judge, commented: “In the wake of record footfall numbers at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the latest edition of the YachtWorld Market Index echoes that positive outlook as we head towards the new year. This index features a ranking of the five most-sold brands in each class, and we look forward to continuing to provide a deeper dive into the data with the full 2015 Market Index report early next year.”

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Invictus Yacht reports sales growth across Europe

Posted on November 24th, 2015


Italian yard Invictus Yacht, which is slightly more than a year old, said it is establishing itself in the yacht market.

The company said it has sold more than 50 boats to clients in Italy, France, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro.

Designed by Christian Grande, the 280 TT is vying for the European Power Boat of the Year 2016 and Vela e Motore’s Boat of the Year 2015 in the powerboat category, the builder said. The 270 FX is a finalist in the Best for Fun category in the Best of Boats Award 2015.

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Info-Link: October boat sales show year-over-year growth

Boat sales continued their upward climb in October, with sales up about 8 percent according to the latest Inf0-Link Bellwether report.

The report tracks boat sales across the country based on new U.S. boat registrations on a rolling 12-month basis. Bellwether states are geographically dispersed states representing roughly half of the US boat market (varies by market segment and time of year).

Sales were up in every category in October. PWC sales continued their strong growth, with sales up about 15 percent for the last year. Sales in the sportfish and ski boat segments were up just over 10 percent. Outboard sales were also up about 10 percent.

Even the sterndrive segment saw gains of about 1 percent for the previous 12 months. That was the second month in a row of growth, albeit tepid, for the category. Before September, sterndrives hadn’t posted a gain since mid-2013.


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