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New Zealand Boat Show pulls in crowds

New Zealand Boat Show pulls in crowds

The annual New Zealand Boat Show turns 60 this year.

More than 30,000 people are expected to attend the 60th annual boat show in Auckland as boaties and anglers gear up on the latest and greatest in marine toys.

First held in 1956 the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show is New Zealand’s largest and longest-running boat show.

Boat show spokesman Mike Rose said more than 200 exhibitors set up for the four day event held at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane from Thursday to Sunday.

Wesley Intermediate School students Dominic (left), and Richard enjoy the 60th annual New Zealand Boat Show.

In 2014 the boat show attracted 35,000 visitors and Rose said this year he was expecting the same or more depending on weather.

The MetService is forecasting some heavy showers for Auckland on Friday and a mostly fine weekend aside from some showers early on Saturday.

The boat show features all things boating with manufacturers from the Bay of Islands to Invercargill showcasing their latest models at the event.

Auckland Boat seller Seacraft Miller Moyes sales manager Bob Mirabito said an under supply of secondhand boats available on the New Zealand market was driving new boat sales.

“New Zealand’s not getting secondhand boats in from overseas to the same degree as the used car market for example, so there is only a finite supply of good secondhand boats,” Mirabito said.

That resulted is a diminishing price gap between good secondhand boats and new boats, tempting people into buy new, he said.

Stabicraft new product development manager Daniel Upperton said the market for new boats in New Zealand was “really solid and steady”.

“We haven’t noticed a drop off like in other markets,” Upperton said.

As well as showcasing the latest boats, engines, electronics and accessories, the boat show also offers education and entertainment.

Wesley Intermediate School student Dominic, who was at the boat show on a class trip, said he attended a water safety programme at the event and also learnt about the different parts of boats and how they worked.

The event even featured a heated pool where children could try out snorkelling and kayaking.

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Boat show floats into Newport

NEWPORT – BEACH – Got a few million bucks burning a hole in your pocket?

Check out the new Horizon V 80, an 80-foot, shiny powerboat up for grabs in the Newport Harbor, one of about 200 vessels docked near Lido Village for the annual Newport Boat Show. A similar boat sold recently for $3.5 million.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get your hands on a boat. There’s a large range of vessels on sale, including small sailboats, sportsfishing boats and mid-range boats. Boats range from 22-foot tugboats to a 115-foot yacht.

The show, which started Thursday, draws about 15,000 people during the four-day event.

The show claims to have the most big boats, vessels in the 40- to 60-foot range, of any show west of the Mississippi. When it started in 1973, there were only about 50 boats on display. Many of the boats are between 40 feet and 60 feet, with a few longer than 100 feet.

According to a study to be released soon by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, new boat sales were up 8 percent to 9 percent last year, led by a surge in people buying personal water crafts, jet drive boats, ski boats and aluminum outboard boats. Sales for smaller boats are expected to grow in 2015.

Figures on bigger boats were not yet available.

Spokeswoman Martha McIntosh said despite the rain Thursday, there was a line to get tickets.

She said there are a lot of new boats in the show this year.

“There’s new, unique boats coming onto the market,” she said. “It seems to mark a turning point. It’s maybe the best we’ve seen in a decade.”

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