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Havasu boat broker sued for withholding payment – Today’s News

Posted: Friday, May 29, 2015 11:22 pm

Havasu boat broker sued for withholding payment


Havasu News


A Lake Havasu City boat broker said he was confident a lawsuit filed against him earlier this month would be resolved before a court hearing scheduled next week.

Tim McDonald, who sells high performance boats at Offshore Custom Marine, was sued at the beginning of May by Christopher Collins, of Washington, for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. Collins alleges that McDonald failed to pay him more than $80,000 after selling Collins’ 29-foot 2010 Nordic boat in April 2014.

McDonald said on Friday he was confident the matter would be resolved next week after he got some additional title paperwork from Collins, but Collins’ attorney said Friday neither he nor his client had heard from McDonald or entered into any settlement negotiations. McDonald didn’t want to comment further on the suit.

“(McDonald) has no defense,” attorney Richard Rahnema said. “He sold the boat, took the money and hasn’t paid my client.”

It had been 379 days since McDonald sold Collins’ boat when the suit was filed, according to the complaint.

Rahnema, of Havasu-based law firm Wachtel, Biehn Malm, filed a pair of similar complaints against McDonald last year on behalf of clients who also had worked with McDonald on boat sales. He said McDonald ultimately made each of those clients “whole,” as well as a third client who never filed a complaint.

The three complaints taken together allege a pattern of McDonald delaying payments after he had successfully sold boats that had been part of consignment agreements. The complaints argue that McDonald “misrepresented several facts” by saying payments had been sent in the mail or that wire transfers didn’t go through successfully.

“My clients have heard so many lies that at some point you have to draw a line in the sand,” Rahnema said.


Friday, May 29, 2015 11:22 pm.

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New Boat Sales Off To Strong Start In Door County

Boating is off to another strong start in Door County, as well as nationally.  New sailboat sales were up nearly 34% in 2014, according to figures released from the National Marine Manufacturers Association.  Mike Gisch, sales manager at Skipper Buds in Sturgeon Bay says they have seen impressive numbers so far this spring.


Nationally, sales of new powerboats were up 6.4% last year.  Powerboats account for 84% of all boat sales, while sailboats account for 16%.  

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Outboards lead strong April boat sales growth

April boat sales continued the strong run of year-over-year sales growth, according to the latest Info-Link Bellwether report.

Sales were up by just less than 10 percent for the month on a rolling 12-month basis, on pace with March’s rate.

The Bellwether report tracks boat sales across the country based on new U.S. boat registrations. Bellwether states are geographically dispersed states representing roughly half of the US boat market (varies by market segment and time of year).

Sales of outboard-powered boats were up about 12 percent year-over-year, while sterndrive/jet sales continued to struggle, down 5 percent for the 12-month period.

PWC are still showing the strongest growth, with sales up by about 20 percent. Sales growth reached nearly 30 percent last summer as that market had a very strong 2014 season.

Sales growth has slowed somewhat in the ski boat segment, but that market is still up more than 10 percent after peaking at more than 20 percent year-over-year growth in spring 2014.

The sportfish market also stayed strong, with sales up about 15 percent, roughly on pace with the rate of the last year.

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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Be wary of boats at yard sales

We are not only well into the fishing season, but the yard sale season as well. Over the past couple of weeks, several individuals have tried to title and register boats that were bought at yard sales from private individuals, and in one case, from a dealer out of state. In each instance, they didn’t have the appropriate paperwork to get the job done.

Nevada is a title state for boats. That means that in order to transfer ownership of a vessel, there are specific requirements for the new owner to obtain a title. Boats purchased at yard and estate sales are the most troublesome. Often the seller may not have the title, or in the case of a non-title state, the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) to make that transfer. These boats are often priced very low to make the boat more appealing.

In the case of estate sales, the person selling the boat may not even have legal ownership of it. One case, a couple of years ago, involved an uncle who gave a boat inherited from a grandfather to a nephew who sold it to a Nevada resident. The Nevadan spent a month tracking down the uncle who hadn’t changed the title to his name after inheriting the boat before giving it to his nephew. Much time and a lot of money in travel was involved to get the proper documentation.

A couple of weeks ago a couple came in with a boat bought out of state from a dealer who said they didn’t need anything other than a bill of sale to title and register it in Nevada. Out of state dealers are generally are not up-to-date on what other states require for titling and registration. The couple had to contact the dealer and get additional paperwork to properly title and register the boat in Nevada and missed a couple of weeks of boating. Needless to say, they were very disappointed.

If you are buying a boat, it is recommended that you go to and then select the link to titling and registration. There, potential boat owners can see what is required to title and register a boat in Nevada under different scenarios. Go armed with this information before heading out to buy a watercraft.

Remember, if it appears that the deal on a boat is too good to be true, it just very well might be. Buyers, beware!

There is a free introduction to fly fishing clinic on Thursday and May 30 in Elko and three spots have opened up. On Thursday, the class is from 6-8 p.m. and covers casting and knots. On May 30, the class is on the water at South Fork from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is equipment available for loan, so you can still participate even if you own no fishing equipment at all. If you have ever wanted to learn to fly fish, this is your chance. Call 777-2305 to sign up or for information.


Not a lot of change here as fishing is fair for numbers and good for quality with fish averaging 18 to 22 inches in length. With the water level at about 20 percent and unsettled weather, not many anglers have taken the trip to Wild Horse. Bait anglers are having the best luck with a worm/marshmallow combination, followed by sparkle PowerBait in rainbow or sherbet colors. Flyrodders are using wooly buggers, leeches, copper Johns, PT nymphs, prince nymphs and hares ears. The best areas seem to be on the east side of the lake along the beach to the north of the state park boat ramp, the mouth of Hendricks Arm, the last cove before the canyon and the canyon by the dam. Trout have been observed trying spawn on the west side of the lake and a few anglers have been taking advantage of this. A few wipers have been caught recently. No reports on where or with what presentations. The limits are back on at Wild Horse Reservoir. Make sure you check the current Nevada Fishing Guide for current regulations and limits. NDOW biologists will re-evaluate the limits as water conditions warrant.


Unsettled weather continues to result in unsettled fishing. Sherbet, rainbow, and Chartreuse PowerBait along with worms are what most anglers have been using, with the PowerBait appearing to catch more fish. Flyrodders have been having luck with smaller flies such as hares ears, prince nymphs, black micro leeches and copper Johns in sizes 14 to 18. Once the weather clears and the water warms up a bit, expect damsels to start hatching over the next few weeks and damselfly nymphs will soon be a great selection here. Nice sized trout have been caught at the north end of the lake on either side of the dam. Trout fishing continues to be good from the main boat ramp cove to the dam on the east side of the lake as well as the last couple of coves on the west side before the spillway. The south end of the lake right below the culverts has also produced some nice fish. The south end of the lake near the buoys that mark the no wake zone is also producing a few trout and wipers. Bass are showing up in the creel more as the water temperature approaches 60 degrees. Once it hits the magical 60-degree mark, expect bass fishing to get good. Both smallmouth and largemouth are being caught on the east shore from the main boat ramp cove south to Tomera Cove and on the flats on the west side of the lake north of Jet Ski Beach. Black bass may not be kept until July 1 and must be returned to the water immediately upon catching. However, one wiper 15 inches or larger may be kept.


This report is going to sound exactly like last week, and the week before. The recent precipitation may have the road muddy, so care should be taken if traveling here for the next few days. The lake is spilling, but the fishing below the spillway is just fair. Shore fishing on the lake along the western shore has been fair to good depending upon the day. You can launch a boat now. NDOW expects to stock between 40,000 and 50,000 fish this year due to improved water conditions. This lake should be stocked once it stops spilling. That may occur sometime over the next couple of weeks.


Fishing is still fair to good for trout depending upon the day, the angler and where you are fishing along the collection ditch. The go-to fly seems to be the hares ear, with the pheasant tail nymph close behind. Also, wooly buggers and flies that have some red in them also seem to be working. For spin fishermen the usual assortment of small spinners and minnow type lures are all effective here. The ditch is artificial lures and flies only and wading is not allowed in the ditch. Don’t expect to find fish in the units due to low water levels. The marsh doesn’t open to boats until June 15, when boats with electric motors only will be allowed in the south marsh.


Jakes Creek has been fishing fair to good for 9- to 14- inch trout. Surface water temps are in the mid 50s and the water is fairly clear. A few weeds are just starting to show up, so get the shore fishing in while you can. The usual assortment of wooly buggers, hares ears, copper Johns and PT nymphs should all work. PowerBait, worms and small spinners should be used by spin fishermen.


Water levels at Cold Creek are good and fishing has been productive. On warmer days fish are hitting on dry flies, especially midmorning and midafternoon. Fly fishermen should use Adams, Griffiths gnats, elk hair caddis, mosquito and royal coachmen for dry flies. For nymphs turn to hares ears, copper Johns, prince nymphs and zug bugs. Damsels will work here as soon as the water temp gets into the 60s. The usual assortment of worms, marshmallows, PowerBaits, small spinners and lures should also work.


Fishing continues to be good for fish in the 9- to 12- inch range. The usual small spinners, PowerBait and worms should all work. Fly rodders should be using hare’s ears, PT, prince, copper Johns, zug bugs and small wooly and crystal buggers. On warm afternoons when the midges are hatching, Griffith’s gnats, Adams, elk hair caddis and other popular dry flies in sizes 12 to 18 are worth a try. Cave Lake was stocked with approximately 3,200 fish two weeks ago.


The lake level is still low at below 10 percent of capacity, but is very slowly replenishing. However, if the weatherman is correct and it rains for a few days, this should help. Fish should be concentrated and fishing should be good once the front moves through and the water temp starts to rise again. The usual assortment of worms, artificial baits, spinners and lures should all work. Fly rodders should be using wooly and seal buggers, hares ears, PT nymphs, hares ears and copper Johns.


There is construction on the road up to Angel Lake and as of the writing of this report, it was still closed due to this. The road should be open for the weekend according to NDOT. However, there is no report on what fishing conditions are like, though generally early in the season the trout are very cooperative after a long winter under the ice. Worms seem to do a bit better than PowerBait on Angel Lake trout. Small spinners work well, though the tigers will also take very small minnow imitations and your fly selection should include small wooly and crystal buggers, prince nymphs, PT nymphs, soft hackle nymphs, hares ears and just about anything with peacock herl in it.


Stream flows are up due to the recent precipitation, but still below normal. Most are between 10 and 50 percent of normal and somewhat turbid during the runoff, but clearing rather quickly after the precipitation stops. Lamoille Creek is flowing about 50 percent of normal and is fishable. With the intermittent rain projected over the next week expect flows to continue to be about where they are and the water to be turbid . Worms, PowerBait, small spinners, the usual assortment of small nymph and streamer flies are all worth a try. Best time of day to fish streams should be in the afternoons as the water warms up a bit. Once the precipitation stops, the water clears quickly and the flows start to drop making them fishable.

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Outdoors notebook: Texas again ranks high in sales of boats

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Texas in 2014 ranked second to Florida in sales of new powerboats, motors and accessories.

Texas boaters spent $1.3 billion last year, up 11.9 percent from 2013. Florida boaters spent $2.3 billion, up 22.5 percent from 2013.

Other top-10 boating states in terms of new boat expenditures were Michigan ($762.4 million), Minnesota ($601.5 million), New York ($597.8 million), North Carolina ($580.2 million), Wisconsin ($560.3 million), California ($546.8 million), Louisiana ($529.9 million) and Alabama ($457.7 million). Nationwide expenditures totaled $35.4 billion.

Now that many more Texas lakes are full, boaters may spend even more money this year. The DFW Summer Boat Expo is July 10-12 and July 17-19 at Market Hall. The boat show is always a good place for one-stop comparisons among more than 450 boats from more than 20 North Texas dealers.

Fatalities on water stay near record low

Boating deaths in 2014 were the second lowest on record. According to the U.S. Coast Guard data, 610 people died in recreational boating accidents last year.

The lowest number of fatalities in a year was 560 in 2013. The highest was 1,754 in 1973.

Boating is safer now because of boater education programs, strict laws on boating under the influence of alcohol (the penalties are as severe as DUI) and enhanced patrols by law enforcement agencies. The agencies particularly target crowded urban-area lakes with a record of boating accidents. Texas ranks fourth in the nation for boating accidents and second for boating fatalities.

Safari Club earns conservation status

The Dallas Safari Club has been admitted as a member of the United Nations’ International Union for Conservation of Nature.

IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. It is a considered a leading international authority on both the environment and development.

DSC is one of the fastest-growing hunting and conservation organizations in the U.S. Ben Carter, the group’s executive director, said DSC’s association with IUCN will make the Dallas-based organization even more effective in its mission to conserve wildlife and wild places.

Greystone wins award for wingshooting

Greystone Castle at Mingus has been named the Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge of the Year. The 6,000-acre property is located on Interstate 20 about 60 miles west of Fort Worth.

Greystone Castle caters to wingshooting and big-game hunting during the fall and winter. It also offers fishing and sporting clays and is available for corporate meetings and weddings.

Nickelodeon dips toe in angler sponsorship

Cable channel Nickelodeon and Lil’ Anglers LLC, makers of a new Kid Casters no-tangle rods and reels, are sponsoring Wal-Mart FLW Tour Pro angler Charlie Evans. His Ranger boat will feature a Kid Casters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wrap.

Nickelodeon executive Ken Mantel called the sport of fishing a huge market for Nickelodeon-branded products.

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Flagler boat builder sees smoother sailing ahead – Daytona Beach News

“Spring and summer are key selling periods for new boats and we are off to a good start with warmer weather and lower gas prices helping to boost boat sales,” said association president Thom Dammrich, in a media release. “After a strong 2014, we expect to see continued growth in 2015 by as much as five to seven percent.”

For a look at how changes in the boating industry could affect the regional economy, Craig Wall, operations manager at Sea Ray Boats Flagler County manufacturing facility, offers the local spin.

What is the boating industry looking like these days?

No doubt it’s showing an increase along with the rest of the economy. The high end is still there. The lower end of the boating industry is still struggling a little bit but I think with the housing industry and everything else moving up, I think that’s a good sign for us. The market is starting to stabilize. I wouldn’t say it’s on a rapid incline, but it shows good signs.

The Flagler County plant recently won Brunswick Corp.’s Chairman’s Safety Award. How important is safety at the facility?

First and foremost, nobody wants to walk into a work environment and feel uncomfortable or unsafe. So it’s a prerequisite of the company and it’s our responsibility. It’s everybody’s responsibility to make sure our team members can go home in the same shape they came to work.

Plans to build a new parking lot at the plant raised some concerns with residents in the area. How important is it for Sea Ray to be a good corporate citizen?

It’s critical.

Times have changed. We know that as a manufacturer it’s an environmental responsibility that every corporation has.

What is your outlook for the economy in general and the boating industry in particular?

I’m not an economist, but right now I can tell you our L Class is taking off tremendously.

It’s a good problem, but we can’t produce them fast enough out of our facility. It’s a good challenge for us right now. In the near future, and the near future for us is the next 12 months, it’s pretty stable.

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$13000 boat stolen from Journey lot

Boat stolen

Boat stolen

Workers install barriers between fence posts to help prevent theft of boats and automobiles from Journey Auto and Boat Sales after the fence was cut and a boat stolen early Thursday morning.

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2015 10:39 pm

$13,000 boat stolen from Journey lot

By Machaela Ballard / Register News Writer

Richmond Register

A $13,000 fishing boat was stolen during Thursday’s early morning hours from Journey Auto and Boat Sales.

After noticing a hole in the fence around the business, Richmond Police officers contacted the McCarty family, which owns the business, about 4:30 a.m., said Kay McCarty.

“When they saw the fence was open, the officers thought something was missing from where something had been parked. Sure enough, it was a boat,” said McCarty, vice president of the business. “We have had trucks stolen from us when we were at our old location in Berea, but never a boat.”

It appears that someone with a ball hitch matching the trailer for the 2008 Lowe fishing boat cut a hole, backed up to the fence and pushed the boat from the property, McCarty said. It would be surprising if one person could do it alone, she added, because the boat was facing the wrong direction to have been easily maneuvered through the fence opening.

Journey Auto and Boat Sales has several security cameras within the store and the lot outside, McCarty said. The family planned to go through the tapes as soon as they got home Thursday afternoon, she said.

Additional posts have been added to the fence so boats cannot be squeezed through in the future, even if the chain links are cut, McCarty said.

“We are just a small, family-owned business, so a $13,000 hit is very devastating for us,” she said. “My husband said if they want to steal something, they will, but we are going to take as many precautions as we can.”

Regardless, McCarty said the family is hoping for a positive outcome, and that the boat will be returned.

We have sent a confirmation email to {* emailAddressData *}. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account.

We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed.


Thursday, May 21, 2015 10:39 pm.

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Lake Murray boat dealers riding wave of better sales

It’s smoother sailing these days for boat dealers around Lake Murray.

Many of the new vessels are fancy and fast.

Sales are rebounding after a recession-induced decline that closed some operations and still leaves lean inventories in its wake, dealers said.

“What we went through changed our business considerably,” said Mark Murff, general manager of Hall Marine in Irmo. “But we’ve had a strong comeback, almost back to where we once were.”

Boating is popular in the four counties – Lexington, Newberry, Richland and Saluda – surrounding the 47,500-acre lake. There are 56,374 boats in that area today, compared to 48,160 in 2009, state natural resources officials say. That’s a 17 percent increase.

Sale promotions have been underway since late winter as prime boating season approaches. It launches this Memorial Day weekend and lasts through Labor Day in early September.

Buying a boat is much like settling on a car, with a wide array of accessories and choices that quickly can elevate the price above $100,000.

So what’s new?

Boat makers are producing watercraft built with longer-lasting materials. They run more quietly and burn less fuel, and a single boat can be used for many purposes: for cruising, fishing and skiing.

Angie Curnias is seeing a wave of watercraft with upscale features such as plusher fabrics and digital music systems dock at the Lake Murray Marina and Yacht Club in Ballentine, which she manages.

“It’s a luxury,” she said. “It depends on how much you’ve got to play with.”

Just about every luxury that’s available in a car is available in a boat nowadays.

And dealers are promoting the sport as fun for all ages. “All our boats are very family-oriented,” Murff said.

The pontoon – a staple around the 650-mile lakefront – may be on its way to oblivion with the popularity of tritoons.

Tritoons feature three instead of two floats underneath. Dealers say they are well-balanced and better able to carry large groups without sacrificing speed and energy efficiency.

Newer boats also are able to produce the wake needed for watersurfing, dealers say. That’s when surfers ride the wake of the boat on a board, without being towed by a rope – in fact, not holding on to anything because the water holds them up.

Boating’s popularity has safety groups pressing for a requirement that watercraft operators undergo eight hours of training before being allowed to go on the water. Currently, eight hours are required only for those under 16 who want to boat alone.

“The lack of education on the right things to do makes being out there more hazardous,” said Braxton Sorg of Chapin, commander of the lake chapter of the U.S. Power Squadron.

State natural resources officials who police waterways are starting to take another look at the mandatory training, sunk before by protests that it would be burdensome.

Law enforcement officers again will be out in force on the lake this summer, particularly on busy weekends and holidays.

“We’ll be focused on making sure everyone has the right equipment and obeys the rules,” DNR spokesman Capt. Robert McCullough said.

Reach Flach at (803) 771-8483.

By the numbers

Boats registered in the four counties around Lake Murray as of Dec. 31, state natural resources officials say:

Lexington: 31,221

Newberry: 5,371

Richland: 16,866

Saluda: 2,916

Trick my boat

So what’s new at the dealer’s?

More tritoons, which have not two but three floats underneath

Fancier dashboards and upholstering

High-end electronics

More boats built for speed

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Brazen Thief Cuts Fence Out To Steal Boat

Richmond Police say they are looking for a brazen boat thief.

It happened overnight at Journey Auto and Boat Sales. Police say that a 2008 Lowe 18 point-8 foot boat, trailer and engine were all taken after someone cut through the business’ fence.

The boat’s VIN is listed as  LWCB0019E808 with registration KY-0563-JH and a Mercury 115hp motor attached. The boat was on a 2008 Kara boat trailer, VIN5KTBS201X9F502347, model LB2200.

If you have info on who stole the boat, contact Richmond Police.

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