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Extreme Sailing Series goes high-tech at Marina Bay

SINGAPORE: The Extreme Sailing Series 2015 returns to Marina Bay for its opening leg from Feb 5-8. For the first time, nine sailing teams from around the world will battle it out with the help of big data technologies capable of covering the entire field of play. 

The elite-level stadium racing series is tapping enterprise software company SAP’s HANA platform to analyse complex data sets, such as wind speed and direction, as well as boat positioning data from GPS units on the craft.

Used together with data on the course layout and individual team capabilities, it can compute the best routes, approaches and techniques available to sailors in real-time, while displaying it visually with 3D modelling. 

Skipper Nick Moloney of the Aberdeen team representing Singapore said such information is very helpful to sailors, allowing further strategising and identification of possible shortcomings of each team after every round – even in a sport that relies heavily on a sailor’s gut feeling.

He added that such data has transformed the sport. Comparing its impact to the F1, he said standards have risen tremendously compared to six years ago as teams began studying data to gain an edge over the competition.

“From a performance perspective, we’re using the information religiously,” he said. “We look towards the next day and we know where the wind direction is going to be, how it bends around the racecourse. It has become a really integral performance tool for all the boats in the fleet.”

But this data is not just for the sailors. SAP’s Head of Sponsorship Technology Stefan Lacher said the information and visualisations are also publicly available to fans and sports commentators online in real-time, allowing the event to be more inclusive for those at home and away.

He added that fans hoping to catch the action in person would also appreciate the bird’s eye view offered on screens in the viewing areas, or on their mobile devices, to get a taste of the action up-close even from afar.

“Fans are used to having lovely pictures with boats flying across the glittering water on camera, but a camera is always at a wrong angle and you cannot really understand what is going on at the end on the racecourse when the boats split up and there might be hundreds of metres between the boats,” Mr Lacher explained.

“The 3D display really helps fans to get a full understanding. We can draw the leader’s line in and any difference that they have to the next boat, and we can go into a bird’s-eye perspective and show what’s going on there.” 

The race village is at The Promontory@Marina Bay, and opens to the public from Feb 6-8. It will then travel to Muscat, Oman for the second leg from Mar 11-14.

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Dealers excited about Atlantic City Boat Show

Local boat dealers predict that the Progressive Insurance Atlantic City Boat Show, which opens for five days starting on Wednesday at the Atlantic City Convention Center, is going to be good for business.

“People are juiced up again, I think it will be good, I’m excited about it,” Chris Gallagher, general manager of Garden State Yacht Sales, said.

Gallagher said they had a very good year. “Everybody rebounded from Sandy and the market took off.”

Gallagher was at the New York Boat Show and attendance was up 20 percent, which is always a good sign.

Garden State will be bringing a full line of Edgewater Boats to the show, from the 318 CC to the 280 CX down to the 158 CC.

Gallagher said the CX models, with their bowrider fronts, fishing boat stern and cabin down below are proving to be enormously popular.

“We have a lot of positive alignment going on in the economy now,” said Paul Zamoyta, owner of Coastal Boat Sales in Brick.

“Gas prices are low, there’s a stabilization in the interest rates and there’s an election year coming up, which usually means status quo on the economic front,” Zamoyta said. “That means high consumer confidence, which translates into spending disposable income.”

He also said he seen a lot of buyers returning to the finance market, putting 10 or 20 percent down on a boat, when just a few years ago, that wasn’t happening.

Zamoyta said Coastal will be bringing the entire line of Tidewater Boats, including the 2015 220 CC, 220 LXF and the 198 CC. The boats will range from 17 to 28 feet.

Ed McCarthy at McCarthy’s Marine Sales in Brielle, a Boston Whaler dealer, said he had just returned from a very successful show in New York and said if this momentum keeps up, he’s predicting a great show in Atlantic City and a great start to the season.

“Atlantic City is a good show for us because it’s in our area and it’s usually a stronger show,” he said. “It’s mostly local people.”

McCarthy is bringing a 27-foot Dauntless, a 35-foot Outrageous, a 345 Conquest, plus a variety of smaller boats.

He added that Whaler has just opened a new plant and the future looks very positive. While there are boats available now, McCarthy expects inventory will get tight.

Drew Santoro, sales manager at South Jersey Yacht Sales in Point Pleasant, is looking forward to a very strong show as well.

“The market has improved significantly, and the outboard center console segment has been real strong, We’re having a hard time keeping them in stock,” he said. The brokerage business has been brisk as well, he said, especially on high-end boats.

South Jersey will be bringing a 32-foot Yellowfin with a pair of 300 hp Yamahas, a 34-foot Jupiter with triple 300 Yamahas, a 28-foot Ablemarle and a 26-foot Jupiter.

In addition to seeing the hundreds of new boats on display, show attendees can also enjoy the numerous seminars, exhibits and demonstrations that take place during the show.

Among them will be American Fly Fishing Schools “SIMUL-CAST” fishing, casting and paddle sports lessons.

Visitors can also meet Capt. TJ Ott from National Geographic’s television show, Wicked Tuna, or attend the Progressive Insurance Boat School. There will also be fishing seminars sponsored by the Recreational Fishing Alliance, a toy boat building tent for the kids, plus a boatload of prizes and giveaways.

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