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Tequesta man arrested on boat-related charges

Louis Rivera formerly operated EZ Boat sales in Riviera Beach.  Post Staff photo/Lannis Waters

Louis Rivera formerly operated EZ Boat sales in Riviera Beach.
Post Staff photo/Lannis Waters

A Tequesta man who ran a boat dealership in Riviera Beach has been arrested on charges of grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

Louis Rivera, 52, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail Monday and released on bond.

Ronnie Shand of Jupiter told Riviera Beach Police that in March he left his 19-foot aluminum boat and trailer to be stored through October at Rivera’s place of business, EZ Boat Sales, 1501 Broadway Ave.

After finding out that EZ Boat Sales had gone out of business, Shand contacted Rivera who told him he had sold Shand’s trailer. Police later returned the boat to Shand.

In July The Palm Beach Post reported that a dozen boat owners had sued Rivera after their boats disappeared. The Florida Attorney General’s Office has an ongoing lawsuit against Rivera alleging violations of Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.




The "Christmas Ship" is sailing into Chicago

If a short road trip for the holiday is in the cards, something special is sailing into Navy Pier in Chicago.

Friday, December 5th, the Coast Guard Cutter known as the “Christmas Ship”, loaded with more than 1,200 Christmas trees, is returning to Chicago.

Starting at 8 am., Chicago Fire and Police Department boats will be part welcome wagon as the Hubbard High School Band plays live music.

The two-day event re-enacts what was an annual Chicago tradition in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Volunteers will unload the trees then deliver them to needy families through the city.

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Kadey-Krogen Yachts marks sale of 600th boat

Posted on December 3rd, 2014

Kadey-Krogen is building a Krogen 44 AE, which will be its 600th new boat.

Kadey-Krogen workers manufacture a Krogen 44 AE, which will be the company’s 600th build.

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is celebrating its 600th new-boat sale, a Krogen 44 AE, to two new Kadey-Krogen owners.

“Who would have thought that when the late naval architect and designer James S. Krogen doodled the first version of a Krogen 42 on a napkin for Art Kadey it would result in Kadey-Krogen Yachts that would sell 600 yachts?” Kadey-Krogen Yachts partner Larry Polster said in a statement.

“While 600 is just a number, this achievement is perhaps a timely reminder for us during this holiday season to be thankful for the founding partnership and Jim’s timeless design,” he said. “Jim was a master of merging the tried and true with fresh, innovative concepts, creature comforts and convenience, and we continue to maintain his values.”

The company congratulated sales executive Greg Kaufman for closing the deal.

“How appropriate it is that the 600th new Kadey-Krogen to be built is a Krogen 44 AE,” Kaufman said. “It goes to show just how right Art and Jim’s original 42 design was, that after nearly 40 years, it still resonates well with cruisers.”

Production will begin next month at Asia Harbor Yacht Builders in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and delivery is slated for fall 2015.

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