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Dominion Marine Media, Info-Link release new and pre-owned boat sales analysis

Dominion Marine Media
October 28, 2014
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New and pre-owned purchase composition across Dominion Marine Media’s U.S. portals

New v PreOwned

Delving more deeply into the recent findings by Dominion Marine Media and Info-Link revealed that the higher incidence of new boat buyers was also reflective of overall market trends. Looking at this information by boat type revealed that among the DMM lead base, the segments that are recovering more quickly displayed an even higher concentration of new boat buyers. For example, among DMM leads that subsequently purchased a pontoon boat, 46 percent purchased that boat new versus 54 percent pre-owned. It was a similar story in other quickly recovering segments such as ski boats (43 percent) and freshwater fishing (37 percent).

Percentage of new and pre-owned buyers by boat type

InfoLink Chart

When comparing these different boat types across the wider market, the incidence of new boat buyers among DMM’s lead base is often up to twice what the market says it should be, and this is the case across nearly all boat types. For example, the market average for the proportion of new purchases in the pontoon category is around 22 percent, which compares to the 46 percent proportion of new purchases seen by DMM leads. Around 27 percent of ski boats are purchased new in the wider market (against 43 percent for DMM leads) and 23 percent of PWC boats (against 33 percent for DMM leads). With the exception of a few categories such as yachts/sail and stern where the proportions basically reflect the market, new boat purchases from DMM leads are well ahead of the market average virtually across the board.

All of this information gives DMM and Info-Link reason to expect the proportion of DMM new boat buyers will continue increasing in the years ahead as a result of stable to improving new boat sales trends, but also due to a lack of supply of late model year boats entering the pre-owned market.

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30,700 people make Bart's Bash a record-breaking success

MORE than 30,700 people made the first Bart’s Bash was a record smashing success.

Since the sailing event in September, the organisers have been busy compiling and processing thousands of results and can now confirm that 30,717 participants took to the water, many for their first time, around the world, for the event in memory of Olympic sailing star Andrew Simpson.

Affectionately known as ‘Bart’, he sadly died last year while training with his America’s Cup team in San Francisco Bay.

The team behind the inaugural event was organised by the Weymouth and Portland-based Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, and hundreds of boats took to the water at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy event.

Each sailing club sailed an individual Bart’s Bash race at their location. Race details were set locally by each club, but the course needed to be over 1km and sailed for more than 15 minutes.

The final figures show that 16,870 boats collectively sailed a staggering 87,072,769 metres – roughly the equivalent of sailing twice around the world.Initially organisers had hoped for 50 clubs to sign up with 2,000 participants in the UK. As the day drew closer, organisers said it became apparent that clubs all over the world were using the opportunity to get as many people sailing as possible on the day.Event Manager Tim Anderton said: “At no point could we ever have expected over 500 clubs in over 60 countries to embrace the idea of getting on the water, racing, having fun and celebrating everything Bart stood for.

“This has to be one of the largest sailing participation events in the world. We would like to thank all those who took part in the event and a special thank to the volunteers, over seven thousand of them, who made it possible.”To see the final results table visit

DORSET sailing hero Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson has been remembered with a mural in San Francisco.

Weymouth and Portland Borough Councillors Ian and Hazel Bruce were recently on holiday in the city and spotted the mural.

The work was completed in May last year and was recently dedicated to 36-year-old Simpson by a group of Academy of Art University artists.

Mr and Mrs Bruce said: “We were awe struck to see how the students of San Francisco have commemorated Bart and now with the success of Bart’s Bash we know his memory will inspire future generations of sailors.”

The 116-by-50-foot mural was painted by 18 fine art students on the side of a university-owned building at Hayes Street in the city. It shows three boats sailing near the Golden Gate Bridge, and was completed in late May 2013 after about four months of design work.

After Simpson’s death, a message was added at the bottom of the mural that reads: ‘In memory of America’s Cup sailor Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, Double Olympic Medalist, Artemis Racing.’

The students gathered to dedicate the mural to the Olympic champion and were joined by Simpson’s sailing team-mate and friend Iain Percy.

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30,000 in global memorial boat race

Andrew Simpson and Iain Percy celebrate their Olympic gold in 2008Andrew Simpson (left) won gold with Iain Percy at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

More than 30,000 took part in a global sailing race held in memory of a British Olympic sailing champion, organisers have said.

The inaugural Bart’s Bash on 21 September saw 30,717 people take part in the mass sailing event, which was held in more than 60 countries.

The event was in memory of Andrew “Bart” Simpson, who was killed training for the America’s Cup in 2013.

Organisers think it was one of the world’s largest sailing events.

Barts BashSailors at more than 500 clubs in the UK took part in the simultaneous races

Mr Anderton said: “At no point could we ever have expected more than 500 clubs in more than 60 countries to embrace the idea of getting on the water, racing, having fun and celebrating everything Bart stood for.”

In total, 16,870 boats took part in the the inaugural Bart’s Bash and collectively sailed 87,072,769 metres.

Each sailing club sailed a Bart’s Bash race at their location which needed to be at least 1km and last more than 15 minutes.

So far more than £290,000 has been raised for the charity the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.

Father-of-two Simpson, who lived with his wife Leah and two sons in Sherborne, Dorset, won Olympic gold at Beijing 2008 and silver at London 2012.

Among the UK events were races at the Southampton Boat Show and the Clipper Race Yacht Club in Gosport, Hampshire, and one at Port St Mary in the Isle of Man.

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