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Tangible marketing leads to increased boat sales

The tangible is always more enticing and that’s particularly true in the marine industry. Getting a customer in front of or on a boat invigorates and excites them about being on the water.

Fish Tale Sales Service took this to heart with their marketing and chose to put their boats in front of eight million people a day.

Fish Tale Sales Service currently displays two boats at the Southwest Florida International Airport: The Robalo 226 Cayman Bay Boat and the Grady-White 251 Coastal Explorer Bay Boat.

This is not Fish Tale Sales Service’s first venture into model display. The dealership first featured the Grady-White 225 Freedom at the airport for some time beginning in August 2013. They replaced it with a larger Grady-White and added the Robalo boat due to the 225 Freedom’s success.

The Grady-White is on display in the Ticketing Lobby on the upper level while the Robalo is located near Baggage Claim 3 on the lower level. The boats will be on display for several months.

The boat models are the only advertising Fish Tale Sales Service uses. They do come with a kiosk containing model specifications and contact information for Fish Tale Sales Service, as well as a QR code leading to the dealership’s website, but the boats mostly speak for themselves.

Ray Jahn, general manager of Fish Tale Sales Service, conceived the idea while wandering the airport and looking at different displays. He saw how many people were viewing these displays and putting a boat in the airport seemed to make perfect sense.

“That’s hands-on advertising,” said Jahn. “Most people can touch it, feel it, look at it – almost experience the boat itself right in front of them.”

Jahn believes the airport is the perfect location for the boat displays because of the high audience volume and because boating is such a large Florida attraction.

“When they get off the airplane or they’re walking into the airport, it’s the first sight It’s a tremendous amount of visual contact and we get so much response out of it. It’s amazing,” said Jahn.

Jahn first contacted the local port authority when he was ready to display a boat. Sue Phelan, manager of business and development services for the Lee County Port Authority, met with Jahn, her director and the airport director to discuss the possibility. They felt this was an exciting, fresh opportunity and chose to move forward with an exclusive agreement for Fish Tale Sales Service.

“The boat displays have become an eye-catching attraction at the airport. They grab everyone’s attention and it’s exciting to watch people interact and gather around as they use them as a back drop for their photos,” said Phelan.

Jahn called Grady-White and they developed a strategy to expose the brand to a broader audience. The boat displays are completed at night when the airport is quieter, taken apart to some extent and rebuilt in their display locations. The process only took Jahn a couple of months from the first port authority call to the day the first boat displayed.

“In the first couple days we started getting phone calls asking us about the boat in the airport,” Jahn said.

The dealership has seen significant success with all models they have displayed at the airport. Fish Tale Sales Service keeps a stock at their dealership of the boats they display at the airport for customers who have called and wanted the exact boat they see. And the boat manufacturers have benefited from this achievement.

“We’ve had a number of sales, not only locally here at Fish Tale but I know it has spread to other Grady-White dealers around the country just because it gives a visual,” said Jahn. “It’s generated a lot of calls here to the business asking about Grady-White.”

Thanks to the success of the boat displays, Fish Tale Sales Service has become the number two dealer in the world for Grady-White sale with about ten boats sold per year from airport leads. Jahn has also received a number of calls from other businesses asking how well their boat displays do for Fish Tale Sales Service’s business. He calls the boat displays the “best lead system we have.”

“The folks that are calling in on these boats are serious buyers,” said Jahn.

Thanks to their success at the airport, Jahn is currently reviewing other display opportunities to expand their exposure. He suggests other dealers find ways to think outside of their box for new marketing endeavors.

“You can’t always look at one way of advertising,” said Jahn. “Look at different areas where you can participate locally in your community yet build a focus on a large amount of people.”

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He builds boats, and she loves to sail. Love, ahoy?

Tori: I got there just right before 7:30, and he was waiting at the table already. You could tell he was athletic and worked out.

Andrew: I tend to go for a more athletic kind of build. I’d say Tori lines up with that pretty decently.

Tori: He was dressed nicely. He just looked like a normal guy. He was good-looking, definitely.

Andrew: I guess she came straight from work. I came from work as well and tried to get as cleaned up as best I could.

I don’t think I could meet anybody else in D.C. and they would just say, “Oh, yeah, I build boats, no big deal.” I mean, for me it’s like, “What do you do? ‘Oh, I sit in an office all day.’ ” You could just tell he was really proud of what he does and really enjoyed it — which was really important because I think that if you don’t love your job you’re not going to be a happy person.

Andrew: We both kinda bragged back and forth about a lot of things. She has a lot of pretty cool trophies from her days back in Nebraska in terms of pie-making. I think Best Pie in the state of Nebraska in the State Fair competition. I think another one was a sewing competition through 4-H. It’s cool the self-reliance you build up from living and working on a farm.

Tori: He had hiked the Grand Canyon a few times. They only give out so many permits each year, and so I was really jealous that he got to do it and I haven’t.

Andrew: She’s into krav maga, which is a form of self-defense. I box every now and then. Her particular form of martial art is way more hard-core than mine.

Tori: He builds boats for a living, which is really funny because I love sailing and being outdoors, so we talked about that for a really long time.

Andrew: We manufacture do-it-yourself plywood boats. She told me that she loves sailing, but she probably sails more than I do.

Tori: He wasn’t, like, witty or playful. That wouldn’t be the first thing I would use to describe him. I would say he is genuinely just a really nice guy.

Andrew: Was I flirting? I don’t know. I’m bad about that kind of thing. I like listening to people talk and … I don’t know. I think that wasn’t necessarily my intention.

Tori: It was just such a beautiful night outside, so we walked around the waterfront probably for like 45 minutes.

Andrew: I’d been up since 5:15, so I was pretty tired and she knew I had to commute, so I ended up driving her to her place and calling it an evening.

Tori: On paper we’re really a lot alike. We probably could have sat there and talked for another hour or two about anything. It was nice.

I think there could have been [chemistry]. We’ve got a lot in common.

Tori: I would definitely hang out again, maybe not in a dating scenario.

Rate the date

Tori: I would probably say a 31/
2. I’d love to see him again, but I don’t know if it would be in a romantic way.

Andrew: We’ll go with 4.35678 — a really long decimal. No, we’ll go with 4.5. How about that?

Tori and Andrew have texted a few times since their date. Andrew’s travel and work schedules have been heavy, but he’s hoping for a get-together with Tori now that his schedule is slowing down.

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Sailors take part in world record attempt for ‘Bart’

A record number of boats took to the water for Bart’s Bash. Pic by Fiona Pugh

Friday, October 3, 2014

11:00 AM

PORTISHEAD Yacht and Sailing Club (PYSC) saw a record number of boats take to the water as part of the biggest sailing race in the world.

The club took part in Bart’s Bash, a global sailing race and fundraising event that saw thousands of sailors worldwide take to the seas to honour Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, the gold and silver Olympic medallist who died in an accident while training for the America’s Cup in 2013.

The event was organised by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation, set up in Andrew’s memory to inspire the next generation of young sailors in the UK.

Portishead sailors entered into the spirit of the occasion, some wearing fancy dress, to join the race which it is hoped will set a new Guinness World Record for the largest sailing race in the world.


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    Light and very tricky first day for Team NZ

    It was very light and very tricky for the first day of the seventh round of Extreme Sailing Series at Nice.

    With Peter Burling back on the helm for the first time since June, Emirates Team New Zealand started slowly as Burling and Olympian team mate Blair Tuke settled in.

    By race three they were looking more comfortable and started to get the consistency required to do well.

    Burling said: “It could have been better – it could have been much worse. The breeze peaked at about five knots and was very shifty. It took a couple of races to settle down and we were sailing much better towards the end of the day.”

    Eight races were sailed. For some teams the day was a shakeup rather than a shakedown. Series leaders Alinghi and The Wave, Muscat found themselves equal seventh on the leader board.

    However the points spread is not great, with only seven points separating the top six boats.

    With three days still to race and very light conditions forecast, the fleet will be looking to seize the opportunities presented by the fluky conditions and limit the number of bad results.

    Extreme Sailing Series Nice standings after Day 1, 8 races (2.10.14)

    1st Realteam by Realstone (SUI) 51 points.

    2nd Gazprom Team Russia (RUS) 48 points.

    3rd Groupama sailing team (FRA) 48 points.

    4th GAC Pindar (AUS) 45 points.

    5th = Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL) and J.P. Morgan BAR (GBR) 44 points.

    7th = Alinghi (SUI) and The Wave, Muscat (OMA) 39 points.

    9th Oman Air (OMA) 33 points.

    10th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 30 points.

    11th SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 26 points.

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