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Learn to sail at Al Hamra Marina's RAK Sailing Academy

If you have ever wanted to learn how to sail, then the RAK Sailing Academy at Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club is the perfect place in the UAE to learn the basics and understand what it takes to pilot one of these magnificent vessels.

The academy is well-equipped with dinghies, catamarans and fix-keel sailing boats for junior and senior sailors. But it’s also hospitable to rookies and hosts a variety of sailing classes – including dinghy basic and dinghy advance, keel boat inshore and keel boat offshore – across all age groups.

Al Hamra Marina’s wind and sea characteristics are perfect for sailing, some say the best in the UAE, and has charter facilities where sailing boats are used for daily excursions and crew available for tourists at the Al Hamra Village.

Facilities for renting daily and weekend boats are in place to attract passionate and professional sailing tourists from the region and overseas.

The school follows ISAF (International Sailing Federation) rules regarding sailing instructors.

Founder general manager Enrico Malingri said: “We are very excited for the academy to reopen; we want to continue to bring our passion of sailing to Ras Al Khaimah. Classes are fun but educational, and cater for all levels of experience.

“The Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club is the perfect weekend destination for travellers, world sailing pioneers, boat owners and berthing yachts.

“We want to introduce more residents and tourists to sailing as a hobby and prove it’s just as much fun as other watersports.”

AHMYC encourages residents and stopover sailors in RAK to participate at international sailing events. By doing so, Al Hamra Marina wants to help promote RAK as a serious destination in terms of sailing within the UAE.

The aim of the academy is to showcase the sport of sailing within the UAE. Earlier this year, AHMYC partnered with Italy’s renowned sailing club, Club Nautico di Roma.

The partnership aims to develop water sport activities, races and competitions amongst both clubs.

The clubs will also be exploring the possibility of seasonal packages to maximise the sailing experience in both countries for members and non-members alike.

In collaboration with the Royal Yacht Club, the RAK Sailing team wants to create one of the finest sailing academies for the residents of Al Hamra Village and the Ras Al Khaimah area.

Set on the mouth of the lagoon, the Al Hamra Marina is an extension of the Al Hamra Village, Ras Al Khaimah.

The Marina and Yachting Club was designed and installed by Europe’s leading pontoon supplier, Poralu Marine, and is the last significant fuelling stop for vessels in the Arabian Gulf.

The marina comprises 200 wet berths and caters to motor boats, yachts and inflatables measuring 10 to 90ft in length. It offers secure berths with a modern and sophisticated gate pass entry.

All water pontoons provide power supply and fresh water hoses. It’s all-tide access is operated by yacht masters and offers a shelter of ease for manoeuvring at the dock.

Facilities include offering chandlery, maintenance, training, charter boats and water sport facilities.

What: RAK Sailing Academy
When: Call to book an appointment
Where: Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club, Ras Al Khaimah
Contact: 055 2975 792; E-mail:


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