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Charity swimmers disturb sailing club 'burglars'

SOLDIERS taking part in a 24/7 charity swim foiled a group of wannabe burglars in the dead of night.

The drama happened just hours before the team of six from the Household Cavalry regiment were due to start their swim at daybreak on Monday (October 8).

They spotted two boats approaching the bank next to the Desborough Sailing Club in Shepperton.

Team member Tim Aston said: “They were quite shocked to see us. There were two or three of them in two boats, and as they approached the bank we watched them.

“He hit the bank so one of our lads drove his car up and put the lights on. I said ‘can I help you’ and they disappeared sharpish.”

According to Mr Aston, the men had jumped onto the jetty of the clubhouse before being spotted by the soldiers and taking flight.

He said: “I didn’t think I would be fighting off potential burglars on this swim. It is a quiet and beautiful place. You don’t expect it.”

The soldiers, based in Ferris Meadow Lake in Ferry Lane, Shepperton, were getting ready for the first round of a 250-mile relay swim over five days to raise money for the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund.

The team will be at the lake until Saturday (October 13). They are camping out to complete the relay through the night.

All are serving soldiers and are due to be posted to Helmand Province in Afghanistan next year.

Members of the sailing club reported the incident to the police in a bid to deter other potential burglars.

They have drawn up proposals to tighten up security at the club. Five outboard motors have been stolen from the premises this year.

Police confirmed receiving a report of suspicious activity in Ferry Lane.

Sailing club membership secretary Sally Dick said: “We are proposing better CCTV and security lights for the club.

“We have recommended that everyone keeps their engines locked inside their boats.

“The outboard engines were worth about £500 each and one was worth more than £1,000.

“Burglars have been known to cut the back of boats off to get the engines off, so it’s lucky the soldiers were here.”

The swimmers have already raised more than £2,600 for the charity, which helps provide financial support to injured soldiers and their families. To donate, visit

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Brunswick Corp. move may bring jobs to Flagler Sea Ray plant – Daytona Beach News

In an announcement Wednesday, Brunswick Chairman and CEO Dustan McCoy said while some boat divisions have seen a growth in sales this year, sales of the company’s cruisers and larger boats are still weak, necessitating the shutdown.

“The complexion of the global marine marketplace continues to evolve and so does Brunswick,” McCoy said in a news release. “Our continuing challenge is to adapt our brands, models and technologies to best appeal to today’s boating consumers as well as the shifting global marine marketplace.”

The Knoxville plant produced boats under the Sea Ray and Bayliner names and employed about 225 people, the company said. Production from the Knoxville plant will be shifted to the company’s Palm Coast facility or another plant in Vonore, Tenn.

The move is not expected to have any impact at the company’s Edgewater manufacturing facilities.

“We don’t anticipate any significant impact from these actions upon the Edgewater operations, which focus on our Boston Whaler brand as well as our Brunswick Commercial and Government Products,” Brunswick spokesman Dan Kubera wrote in an email.

Kubera said the Palm Coast plant will be adding two “Sundancer” model boats into its production mix. About 350 employees work at the Flagler County plant.

“What this will mean for future employment at Palm Coast is not yet known and will be determined as the process progresses,” he said.

Kubera said officials with the company’s Brunswick Boat Group will be working with employees at the Knoxville plant and some of those employees may have the opportunity to transfer to the Palm Coast facility.

Flagler County officials said they are ready to work with the company with the consolidation effort.

“We’ve spoken with Sea Ray and are looking forward to working with them in the expansion of the operations in Palm Coast,” said Helga van Eckert, executive director at the county’s Department of Economic Opportunity.

The potential for expansion at the Palm Coast plant comes five months after the company cut workforce levels at the boat-making facility.

In May, about 65 workers were let go as part of “the normal ebb and flow of the boating industry,” Brunswick officials said at the time.

In July, Brunswick announced second quarter earnings of $0.90 per diluted share, a 20 percent increase compared with the same period in 2011.

The company said its net sales were down 1 percent for the three months ending in June.

Brunswick is scheduled to announce third-quarter earnings Oct. 25.


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Brunswick signals shift with Bayliner strategy

Brunswick signals shift with Bayliner strategy

Posted on 10 October 2012


Bayliner Boats will stop building and selling cruisers in the United States as part of an effort to keep pace with fluctuating global trends and consumer demand, according to Brunswick.

Bayliner will instead pursue new categories in the United States and Europe, including a new jetboat line and an “affordable boating” line called “Element,” according to Brunswick.

The brand plans to enter the jetboat segment in 2013, Brunswick Corp. spokesman Daniel Kubera told Soundings Trade Only.

There were no further details regarding Element, touted as Bayliner’s newest concept in affordable boating.

Bayliner cruisers will be produced only in Brunswick’s newly constructed Brazil plant by the end of 2012 and will be exclusively sold in that region. Bayliner’s cruiser line consists of six models from 24 to 33 feet.

“Brazil and its expanding boat market offer us attractive opportunities for growth,” Kubera told Trade Only. “Additionally, Bayliner is establishing a strong presence [there] for its models in several categories, including cruisers.”

The move comes as Statistical Surveys Inc., a Michigan company that tracks boat sales, released its most recent data showing that August sales of fiberglass cruisers in the 31- to 40-foot segment declined 28.8 percent year over year and tracked a 6.7 percent dip for the year.

The Knoxville, Tenn., plant at which Bayliner and Sea Ray cruisers have been built will be closed within the next month and a half, before 2013, where 225 full-time workers are employed.

“Will all those people lose a job? We don’t know at this point,” Kubera said. “Some of the production is going to go down the road to Vonore, Tenn., and Palm Coast, Fla., so there’s a possibility that some would have the opportunity to transfer to one of the other facilities if they were so inclined.”

There are two models, Sea Ray’s 330 Sundancer and 370 Sundancer, that were being produced in Knoxville and will be transferred to Palm Coast, Fla., Kubera said.

Four additional models — 240, 260, 280 and 310 Sundancers — that also were being produced at the Knoxville plant will now be produced in Vonore, Kubera said.

When asked about Bayliner dealer feedback regarding the news, Kubera said dealers got the news along with everyone else. “With major developments in the company, we inform public and dealers at the same time,” he said.

Read more about the Brunswick Boat Group’s repositioning in the November issue of Soundings Trade Only.

— Reagan Haynes

It is a shame to eliminate jobs in the US and open production in other countries. The image of the brand will be diminished and create future problems. At a time when made in the USA means something this kind of shift hurts the corporate image as well.

It is too bad the Mercury division would not be allowed to build the motors for the jet boats. Just the face that the costs themselves would benefit outboard pricing for the domestic market.

It has been said that Marine Max helped decide about outboards on larger models, in the future. They also are the ones who misjudged the markets and over projected sales in the past.

It is understood that certain adjustments have to be made during slow times, but this is referred as consolidation and revamping, and does not have to be cutting, and sending work out of the country. The top management is NOT listening to their customers, or to the dealers. ONE customer, regardless does not make up the entire industry. They are only one opinion represented. It is the tail swinging the dog. It only confirms that Upper manage does not really understand the marine industry.

So, basically what Bruswick is doing is putting another nail in most dealer’s coffins who have survived for nearly 4 years on limited sales and a market in continuous flux. What’s Brunswick’s gameplan now- the cruiser market will recover- by dealers can’t survive selling bowriders only- at least not the large ones who built theit businesses around a Bruswick based model.

And Dan Kubera is an arrogant fill in the blanks- to make the following comment- “Kubera said dealers got the news along with everyone else. “With major developments in the company, we inform public and dealers at the same time,” he said.” As some dealers will forced to close or again begin the process of researching product lines to fill in the hole caused by this.

I worked for almost 7 years at a dealership in the NE selling and servicing Bayliner, Maxum, Trophy and Bayliner Yachts- after Bruswick pulled the yachts from all the dealers and gave them to SR dealers as rebadged Meridian’s that was the first financial blow. Then killing off Maxum was another, imagine if they were still a dealer today, struggling to make margins and stay competitive and then be dealt another ecomonic blow like this-

Now I know why one my former employers said he’d “never sell Brunswick product” because of stuff like this.

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