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Tracker Marine to lay off 112 in Miami, Okla.

MIAMI, Okla. – Falling boat sales and the move of a boat production line to Missouri has prompted Ottawa County-based Tracker Marine Group to lay off 112 people, city leaders announced Thursday.

Tracker Marine is moving its Tahoe manufacturing operation to Clinton, Mo.

The layoffs will occur in 60 days, cutting personnel at the plant from 175 employees to 63 employees, said Tim Wilson, interim city manager.

“Although boat sales are down significantly, because the Miami plant is a quality facility, it only makes sense for us to continue utilizing this location for the MAKO production,” said Terry Shook, senior vice president of operations for Tracker Maine, in a prepared statement.

MAKO is a saltwater personal watercraft line.

The Miami plant is also being considered for the installation of high-tech robotic equipment that would be used in the production of MAKO watercraft.

As the economy turns around and the boat business picks up, Tracker Marine will increase its staffing levels in the Miami area, Shook said.

The unemployment rate in Miami stands at 6.1 percent, said Judee Snodderly, executive director of the Miami Area Economic Development Service.

“Although the plant is laying off, several area businesses are expanding and hiring,” Snodderly said.

One new business in Vinita is expected to hire 150 people, she said.

Miami, with a population of 13,500, is 90 miles northeast of Tulsa.

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Fish deputy ties cod loss to catch shares

The deputy director of Massachusetts’ marine fisheries has charged that the federal groundfish catch share system has allowed big trawlers designed for offshore fishing to pillage cod from the inshore waters of Stellwagen Bank.

David Pierce, who is also a member of the New England Fishery Management Council, made the allegation during the Wednesday afternoon session of the council meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., where the panel had been struggling to come to grips legally, economically and politically with the findings of a new NOAA Science Center assessment that inshore or Gulf of Maine cod stocks are collapsing.

The intense pressure on the inshore cod population by boats of more than 70 feet has been one of many mutually inclusive theories for how the most important food fish for the region’s commercial and recreational industries seems to have gone from robust to threatened in a matter of three years.

The council approved a compromise motion that urged the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to institute cutbacks in inshore cod landings in the range of 10 percent to 23 percent.

NOAA officials promised a quick decision, but also announced a second meeting next Friday in Portsmouth for an industry and NOAA working group on the cod crisis.

The Times, on multiple occasions over the past year, has referred to unattributed claims by small boat owners that offshore trawlers were taking enormous quantities of cod from Stellwagen in single tows while on the way in or out of the ports of Gloucester and New Bedford.

The dire 2011 inshore cod assessment repudiated the previous assessment from 2008, which showed the stock all but fully rebuilt.

Pierce on Wednesday described multiple schemes — made legal or viable in the catch share management system put in place beginning May 2010 — that have put enormous fishing pressure on the cod stocks of Stellwagen and other inshore fishing grounds.

These include the trading or selling of fishermen’s catch shares from inshore to offshore boats and across gear types, and the accumulation of quota by the biggest and best capitalized owners.

“We need to address the transfer from small to larger boats,” said Pierce, who argued that the system worked to tilt the playing field in favor of the best capitalized and major corporations.

“Sector vessels,” members of fishing cooperatives that are allowed to participate in the catch share system, “are in a position to fish in the Gulf of Maine with no catch limits and so they can and do have (harmful) impact,” he added.

Pierce’s points were corroborated at the meeting by several members of Sector 10, which encompasses day boats in ports south of Gloucester to Cape Cod. They described big boat “pulse fishing” on Stellwagen in response to word that the cod were in.

“What’s going on is an indictment of the catch share plan,” said Sector 10 President Ed Barrett, who predicted that conservation measures in response to the cod crisis “will ensure that no small boats will be fishing next year.”

Catch shares have been held out as a panacea to overfishing by NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco; the Environmental Defense Fund, where she had been a board director prior to taking the reins of NOAA; the Walton Foundation, organized by Wal-Mart heirs; and other nonprofit foundations funding the transition to catch shares.

A closely related problem is the council’s preliminary work gathering input on whether it needs to establish ownership limits on catch shares and other policies designed to encourage fleet diversity between large and smaller fishing businesses.

In Gloucester on Monday night, Pierce and a council colleague heard the leadership of the Gloucester-based Northeast Seafood Coalition and the separate but closely related Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund urge the government to let the catch share system solve problems of fleet diversity and consolidation.

Joe Orlando, who owns and operates the mid-sized trawler Padre Pio out of Gloucester and serves on the coalition board, said any limit to the trading of catch shares between small and large boats would freeze up the market.

“I should be able to buy and sell just like any corporation,” said Orlando.

Jackie Odell, executive director of the coalition, which organized 12 of the 17 sectors in the catch share groundfishery, and Vito Giacalone, policy director of the coalition and president of the preservation fund permit bank, said the system created by NOAA for the groundfishery was not a bona fide allocation of the fishery and didn’t involve the required referendum. So worrying about consolidation and accumulation caps under the current system makes no sense.

Pierce, however, referred them to National Standard 4 in the Magnuson-Stevens Act which requires all fishery plans to avoid allowing individuals, corporations, or other entities to acquire “an excessive share” of fishing privileges.

At Wednesday’s council session, Odell and Giacalone supported a majority of councilors who overwhelmingly rejected Pierce’s motions to urge NOAA to add to any interim cod provisions limiting boats to fishing in only one geographic region — either inshore, offshore or Southern New England.

In an emailed Thursday report to coalition members — a report leaked to the Times — Odell also noted that the observed and controversial practice of the big offshore boats starting their trawls outside the Gulf of Maine in Georges Bank — albeit landing fish from inside the Gulf and then reporting them to be Georges Bank fish — was legal.

“The law indicates that the fish caught be reported in the stock area where the fish is hauled up,” she wrote to members. “If the council sees this as being a problem, then the regulation which directs this reporting should be revised.”

In his presentation to the council, however, Pierce called the practice “misreporting.”

“(It’s a) misreporting of Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank cod,” he said.

Richard Gaines can be reached at 978-283-7000 x3464, or

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Kentuckiana Yacht Sales files for Chapter 7 liquidation

Kevin Eigelbach

Reporter – Business First


Longtime Jeffersonville boat dealer Kentuckiana Yacht Sales Inc. and its related manufacturing company, Jefferson Yachts Inc., have gone out of business.

Both companies filed for liquidation under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on Jan. 23 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Indiana. They closed their doors on Dec. 31, according to court records.

“It’s a very sad situation,” said Steven Lohmeyer, a New Albany attorney who represents the companies in the bankruptcy proceedings. “This is a very long-standing business in the city of Jeffersonville with a long and glorious history that is a victim of …

Kevin Eigelbach covers these beats: Financial services, residential real estate, property and casualty insurance, construction, unions, engineers, architects, agriculture, South End, Southwest County, Bullitt County.


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Recovery delay for overturned fishing boat

A fishing boat which was capsized by a freak wave is not expected to be salvaged until the weekend.

The Girl Rona was toppled while it was trying to approach Teignmouth, South Devon, on Monday. Five fishermen were rescued and escaped uninjured. It is thought the vessel also escaped unscathed, though it is now lying on its side near the shoreline while Teignmouth Maritime Services devise an action plan to haul her in.

  1. 3510513

Harbourmaster David Vaughan said they cannot act until the weather settles, and said he expected no further progress until the weekend. But he said the position of the vessel meant it was not likely to sustain any damage in the meantime.

The company was brought in after harbour authorities and coastguards worked with the owners to try to salvage the boat themselves, but the effort was aborted when a tow snapped and the conditions made the operation more difficult.

Commander Vaughan said: “We had a number of resources at our disposal and there was no urgency to get on with it because everyone was off the boat and it was on the bottom.”

He said the vessel was fully insured.

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Maserati sets out on new trans-Atlantic sailing record attempt

Maserati is swapping the bitumen for the deep blue by backing an attempt to set a new record for a trans-Atlantic crossing. A crew of seven, skippered by Giovanni Soldini, has set sail from the port of Cadiz in southwestern Spain in a super maxi yacht named after the Italian supercar manufacturer. They are headed for San Salvador in the Bahamas on a 3,884 nautical miles (4,469 miles/7,193 km) journey.

  • The Maserati VOR70 mono-hull racing yacht
  • The Maserati VOR70 mono-hull racing yacht features a carbon mast over 98 ft (30 m) high
  • The Maserati VOR70 mono-hull racing yacht features composite material construction
  • The Maserati VOR70 mono-hull racing yacht
  • View all

Previously, only large trimarans have made attempts on the trans-Atlantic record, so Maserati is endeavoring to set the first reference time for mono-hull boats. The current world record for the east-west crossing – which is also known as the Road of the discovery in honor of Christopher Columbus’s 1492 crossing – in a trimaran set by Groupama 3 in 2007 is just under seven days, eleven hours. Christopher Columbus, by the way, took five weeks to cross the Atlantic in 1492.

Maserati set out in favorable conditions on February 2, although the crew says it isn’t clear what will happen on the second half of the journey as the long-term forecasts just aren’t reliable enough. The biggest problem they expect to face in the first half of the attempt is a high pressure area over the Azores, while in the second half they anticipate a series of fronts and depressions that could slow the boat down if the pressure is too low.

Maserati is a 70 foot (21 m) VOR70 (Volvo Ocean Race) mono-hull racing yacht that previously participated under a different name in the 2008-2009 round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. It features a carbon mast over 98 ft (30 m) high, a canting keel, mobile water ballast tanks, forward canard fins, and composite material construction. It recently spent three months in dry dock shedding some 10 percent of its weight.

Although Maserati is best known for its luxury land vehicles and the yacht that bears its name isn’t powered by a Maserati engine, the company has historical links with transportation of the marine variety that goes beyond its Poseidon’s trident logo. As early as the 1930s, the Maserati brothers tested two paired 16-cylinder engines at sea, while a Maserati engine was used to claim five powerboat world championships in 1955. Maserati eight-cylinder engines also won 19 world, four European and ten Italian titles in various categories from 1957 to 1969.

The Maserati record attempt is being monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council and the yacht’s progress can be followed here.

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Craigslist adds boat-dealer category

Craigslist adds boat-dealer category

Posted on 02 February 2012

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Craigslist recently added a “Boats by Dealer” category to its site.

Although a section on Craigslist for “Boats” previously existed, many dealers had their ads flagged or received e-mails from Craigslist users who believed that only private sellers should post items for sale on the popular website.

Although the new “Boats by Dealer” category can’t guarantee that dealer ads won’t be flagged in the future, it should alleviate many of the frustrations dealers have experienced, according to Nucleus, a data distribution service that helps dealers post inventory on Craigslist.

“We’re glad that Craigslist finally added the ‘Boats by Dealer’ category,” Nucleus general manager Evan Davis said in a statement. “We believe this enhancement will reinvigorate the dealer’s use of Craigslist as a valuable tool in their marketing efforts.”

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FISHING: No place to hide, marlin

‘‘It used to be you could jump on the boat out of your front door [Lake Macquarie] and go fish, but not now, you have to worry about whether you can get back in and what not with the channel, it’s a real problem for bigger boats.’’

Steve’s been taking Amokura up to Cairns for the past two years for charter and entertains a lot of local lake anglers.

See the past ten Fish of the Week winners by clicking below.

Parked out there

Another game fishing gun, Luke Stansfield, from boat TJ Mann, is fired up and ready to roll this weekend buoyed by reports from out wide over the last few days.

‘‘There’s a few marlin out there,’’ he said.

‘‘I heard there were 15 Bay [Port Stephens] boats out last Saturday and they all did all right. Seeka might have got four or five. A few others did all right.

‘‘So I reckon there’s plenty of fish sitting out there on the Carpark.’’

Luke’s also a big rap on Jacinta Thomas.

‘‘Mate, she goes very well indeed, that girl.’’

Rainlovers cluster

HATS off to nine-year-old Jacob Hoschke, of Blackalls Park, who caught a 106cm cobia and his first jew in Lake Macquarie last Friday.

Hopefully there’ll be a few more about this weekend in local estuaries.

There’s certainly plenty of whiting, bream and flathead about.

There were a few jew caught in the harbour last weekend too, and with all the rain, they should still be on.

Flat out competing

FORTY-seven boats, with a minimum of two anglers per boat, competed in the Newcastlefishing.Com Flathead tournament on Lake Macquarie last Sunday.

The event, based on total length not weight, was taken out by Team Ronald and Grimace, who were Shane (Brodo79), from Redhead and Mathew (Hammo), from Mereweather, with a total of four fish measuring 2580mm.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 (Bernama) — Pulau Langkawi, Kedah is all set to host the

15th Asian Sailing Championships, which gets underway on 17 to 25 February 2012.

A total of 279 sailors from 24 nations in Asia will battle for the 14 classes in

the Asian Championship titles. Among countries with the biggest contingents of

sailors include hosts Malaysia (44), Singapore (44), Hong Kong (35), India (27)

and China (18).

Jointly organized by the Malaysia Yachting Association (MYA) and Asian Sailing

Federation at the National Sailing Centre, the Asian Sailing Championships will

match hot favorites alongside relative newcomers to the class. To be eligible to

compete, all sailors must be members of their National Federation.

The Optimist class without fail attracts the largest number of participants,

with 45 participants vying for XX medals. Among hot favorites in the Optimist

class are current Optimist world Champion, 15 year old Kimberly Lim of

Singapore. However, Natasya Nabila, top Malaysian sailor in the Optimist class

will definitely not make it easy for Kimberly.

Another hotly contested class will be the Laser Radial, with World Champion,

Karati Bulong of Thailand facing Malaysian favorite Khairulnizam Mohd Afendy. It

is expected to be an easy win for Khairulnizam based on their past meet

statistics of 5 wins to 1 for Khairulnizam.

In addition to the usual Optimist, Laser and International 420 and 470 classes,

match racing will also be contested in this edition of the Asian Sailing

Championship. Match racing has taken off in Malaysia since the introduction of

the annual Monsoon Cup in Terengganu in 2005. The Malaysian Match Racing

Championship, which saw local participation increase from 4 teams in 2006 to 13

teams in 2009 is a clear indication of the progression of local sailors from the

Olympic classes to match racing in keel boats.

A qualifying event will take place on 6-8 February 2011 to determine the team

that will represent Malaysia in the Asian Sailing Championship. Current

Malaysian Match Racing Champion Jeremy Koo (Koo Racing Team) will be facing

stiff competition from archrival Hazwan Hazim Dermawan (Team Permai). Mohd Romzi

Muhammad (MYA/KFC) who definitely made his presence felt at the past MMRC in

Terengganu last year will be making a comeback and is hungry for that elusive

victory. The Malaysian Armed Forces, Royal Selangor Yacht club and Kedah Sailing

Association make up the rest of the teams vying for a chance to represent


President of the Asian Sailing Federation, Tuan Haji Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim,

who is also the President of the Malaysian Yachting Association said “Its an

honour to hosts the 15th Asian Sailing Championship in Langkawi. MYA had also

organized and hosted the IODA World Sailing Championship last year. 230

participants from 53 countries participated in a hugely successful event. We are

confident of pulling off yet another winner”



Name : Mira Navaretna

Tel : +603 7954 2204 (o)

Mobile: +6016 338 5341 (m)

Email :

Name : Rahyu Waris

Tel : +603 7954 2204

Mobile: +6012 3544 945

Email :


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Tracker Marine laying off 112 employees at Miami plant

MIAMI, Okla. — Falling boat sales and the move of a boat manufacturing production line to Missouri has prompted the Ottawa County-based Tracker Marine Group to layoff 112 employees, Miami city leaders announced Thursday.

Tracker Marine is moving the Tahoe boat line production to Clinton, Mo.

The layoffs will happen in 60 days and will reduce the plant from 175 employees to 63 employees, said Tim Wilson, Miami interim city manager.

“Although boat sales are down significantly, because the Miami plant is a quality facility, it only makes sense for us to continue utilizing this location for the MAKO production,” said Terry Shook, Sr. Vice President of Operations in a prepared statement.

MAKO is a saltwater personal watercraft line.

The Miami plant is also being considered for the installation of high-tech robotic equipment that will be used in the production of the MAKO watercraft.

As the economy turns around and the boat business picks up Tracker Marine would increase its staffing levels in the Miami area, Shook said.

The unemployment rate in Miami stands at 6.1 percent, said Judee Snodderly, Miami Area Economic Development Service executive director.

“Although the plant is laying off, several area businesses are expanding and hiring,” Snodderly said.

One new business in Vinita is expected to hire 150 employees, she said.

Miami has a population of 13,500 and is located 90 miles northeast of Tulsa.

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Fishing boat’s crew keen to return to sea

The crew of the fishing boat Sparta, which came close to catastrophe in the Ross Sea when ice ripped a hole in the hull, are looking forward to getting back to the open sea when they leave Nelson this weekend, the ship’s agent says.

The 32-man Russian and Indonesian crew were eager to get back to work and earn some money trawling for toothfish in Antarctica, said Chris Silk the port operations manager for the Russian-flagged ship’s agent, ISS McKay.

“Not that they haven’t enjoyed Nelson, but they’re keen to get back to sea and make some money for their families.”

The Sparta had only just arrived at its destination to begin fishing when things went wrong.

“They’d only just got down to the ice and they hadn’t even really started fishing when the problem occurred. I know they were pretty gutted.”

The ship, which took almost two weeks to get through the ice back to Nelson for costly repair work, was due to leave tomorrow or on Sunday at the latest, Mr Silk said.

The cost to repair the 30-centimetre hole in the ship was significant, although he would not reveal the exact sum. “Definitely in the thousands of dollars. It’s a significant amount of money that they’ve spent. They’re very happy with the work.”

The ship arrived in Nelson on January 9, but did not get on to the slipway until January 25 for about a week’s repair work. The work involved opening up the hull where the hole was, and rebuilding and repainting the damaged area, Mr Silk said.

“It was a major repair by the time they returned everything and surveyed it.”

The work was done by local workers for marine service trading company Amex. While he did not know exactly where the ship was heading, it would be somewhere to resume fishing in the Antarctic and travelling there should take about a week, he said.

“It’ll be somewhere definitely south. I think the anticipation is to go back to the general area, but I don’t think there’s any apprehension.”

– © Fairfax NZ News

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